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#7 psi uses 100% of CPU dmik defect blocker psi psios2-0.10.1
#30 smplayer 0.6.9 b4 fails to start defect blocker qtapps
#72 smplayer and smtube *not* available for download defect blocker qtapps
#77 STDCPP6.DLL missed in Focuswrite v 1.4.5 and in SunCalculator v. 1.10 defect blocker qtapps
#78 qbittorrent 3.1.9 fails to start defect blocker qtapps
#79 qbittorrent 3.1.9 cannot delete torrents Silvan Scherrer defect blocker qtapps
#82 Vidalia cannot start tor.exe defect blocker qtapps
#97 TEA 40.0 don't contain ASPELL15.DLL defect blocker qtapps
#116 BiblioteQ-2016.09.04-os2 multiple defects defect blocker qtapps
#118 Broken link / file missing defect blocker qtapps
#126 QPDFView fails to start defect blocker qtapps
#44 qpdfview ships with an old fntcfg2.dll Silvan Scherrer defect critical qtapps
#102 BeeBEEP tray icon defect critical qtapps
#115 Gomoku crash in QTGUI4 defect critical qtapps
#125 Relative paths enhancement critical qtapps
#1 Psi doesn't work correctly with the built-in OS/2 SOCKS client dmik defect major psi psi-0.10-os2-b1
#4 Buttons' corruption when minimized and up dmik defect major psi psi-0.10-os2-b1
#5 too many sounds at once locks psi up dmik defect major psi
#8 Still Timer-Problems dmik defect major psi psios2-0.10.1
#9 Is there a 0.11 port in the works? dmik enhancement major psi psios2-0.10.1
#10 SMPlayer 0.6.8 beta 1: Video window display problems Silvan Scherrer defect major smplayer smplayer-0.6.8
#11 Djview4 defect major qtapps
#14 ships with wrong clipgrab.ico defect major qtapps
#15 translations not working, bad colortool.ico defect major qtapps
#16 ships without ICO file dmik enhancement major [general]
#17 ships without ICO file enhancement major qtapps
#18 ships without working documentation defect major qtapps
#20 defect major qtapps
#25 Djview 4.8 and CUPS Silvan Scherrer enhancement major qtapps
#26 Mediadownloader 1.5.2 does not save files defect major qtapps
#28 qmetro file selection bug defect major qtapps
#29 SMPlayer B4 won't start defect major qtapps
#31 solidroc does not start because of missing poppler.dll Silvan Scherrer defect major qtapps
#34 RUB 2.0 no longer works with current QT version defect major qtapps
#35 Update Taskbar to 2.4.6 (2012-01-03) enhancement major qtapps
#36 Kludget Engine enhancement major qtapps
#37 EasyPaint problems editing PBM file defect major qtapps
#39 PSI 0.15 sporadic crashes Silvan Scherrer defect major qtapps
#40 flashrip reports video does not exist defect major qtapps
#45 qpdfview prevents Seamonkey from running defect major qtapps
#46 psi 0.15 defect major qtapps
#48 QPDFView: Adding a remoark not possisble defect major qtapps
#51 QPDFView: Double-Click kills QPDFview defect major qtapps
#52 QPDFView: Double-Click kills QPDFview Silvan Scherrer defect major qpdfview
#53 QPDFView: problems with saving PDFs Silvan Scherrer defect major qpdfview
#56 QPDFView: Annotations are lost Silvan Scherrer defect major qpdfview
#63 Doodle 1.45 wrong version defect major qtapps
#64 kchmviewer 6.0 icon enhancement major qtapps
#65 ClipGrab defect major qtapps
#66 Juffed hangs after search and save defect major qtapps
#67 biblioteq 6.66 defect major qtapps
#68 qoobar-1.6.3-os2 problem with stdcpp defect major qtapps
#70 PSI 0.16-dev release crashes due to missing 'theme' defect major psi
#73 crosti does not run defect major qtapps
#74 Port Vidalia? gianfli defect major qtapps
#75 2Pnotes 2.0.5 defect major qtapps
#80 No plugin support in qupzilla? defect major qtapps
#81 Restart of qBitTorrent place the download in another folder Silvan Scherrer defect major qtapps
#83 Qt apps - Symphytm 1.2 defect major qtapps
#84 qpdfview-0_4_10-ga - crash when opening a .pdf or Settings dialog defect major qpdfview
#86 Can't add new search engine to qBittorrent defect major smplayer
#89 QTbrowsers no longer work with https defect major qtapps
#90 Dooble 1.50 does not connect using https defect major qtapps
#92 xgrabcolor fails to grab a new color defect major qtapps
#93 Qt Facebook apps seems infunctional defect major qtapps
#98 No SSL for Qupzilla 1.8.6 defect major qtapps
#103 QPDFVIEW and CUPS defect major qtapps
#104 CoolReader 3 wrong requirements defect major qtapps
#107 CoolReader 3.1.2 no translations for DE, ES, PL defect major qtapps
#108 BiblioteQ v2015.10.16 README not suitable for installation / *.ico defect defect major qtapps
#109 kchmviewer 6.0 doesn't display japanese CHM files defect major qtapps
#111 clipgrab 3.5.5 broken keyboard input defect major qtapps
#117 SMTube does not connect defect major smplayer
#122 QPDFVIEW don't print on printer attached with socket (network printer) in CUPS defect major qtapps
#2 Support for extended system beeps dmik enhancement minor psi psi-0.10-os2-b1
#3 Sys1804 on startup (missing file REGISTRY) dmik defect minor psi
#6 Does OpenPGP work? dmik defect minor psi psios2-0.10.1
#21 - missing ico enhancement minor qtapps
#23 - documentation folder? defect minor qtapps
#27 Luckybackup file selection problem / libc64 problem defect minor qtapps
#32 smplayer does not start due to missing stdcpp.dll defect minor qtapps
#33 Why does the clipgrab readme mention using CUPS? defect minor qtapps
#47 QPDFView: Version in Help-About is old defect minor qtapps
#54 QPDFview: Color of changes in PDF Silvan Scherrer enhancement minor qpdfview
#58 Porting wpa_gui task minor qtapps
#59 PthreadTls, DjVULibre 3.5.25 and QPDFview 0.4.3ß1+ defect minor qtapps
#91 Quassel not closing vio window on exit defect minor qtapps
#95 Problem using QPDFVIEW with a PDF file Silvan Scherrer task minor qtapps
#12 Broken links in Wiki (files not present in FTP) dmik task trivial [general]
#13 Broken links in Wiki (files not present in FTP) dmik task trivial [general]
#19 CoolReader translations don't work dmik defect trivial [general]
#22 ICO enhancement trivial qtapps
#24 ico enhancement trivial qtapps
#87 Update QPDFView install.os2. enhancement trivial qpdfview
#99 RSS Guard 2.3.0 does not import feeds defect trivial qtapps
#100 QuiteRSS does not add extension exporting feeds defect trivial qtapps
#101 BeeBEEP use an improper icon defect trivial qtapps
#114 QEdit 2.7.1 contains Windows Icon defect trivial qtapps
#38 Qgoogletranslate stays in memory when exit via window cross defect Feedback Pending qtapps
#41 psi 0.15 - "qcatls2.dll is not a valid Qt plugin" defect Feedback Pending qtapps
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