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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1 Create initial road map task blocker Bootstrap general
#2 Decide on Odin SDK task blocker Crossroad general
#3 Create build environment task blocker Core general
#4 Integrate with Odin32 task blocker Core general
#5 Build langtools task blocker Core general
#6 Build JDK task blocker Core general
#7 Build corba task blocker RC general
#8 Build jaxp task blocker RC general
#9 Build jaxws task blocker RC general
#10 Build hotspot task blocker Core general
#11 Port HPI task blocker Core general
#16 Build all components task blocker RC general
#17 Build sun security classes task blocker Alpha general
#20 Assign correct values to OS-related properties task blocker Alpha general
#23 Fix java.lang.Math functions defect blocker Alpha general
#25 Port Swing classes task blocker Beta general
#29 Port AWT task blocker Beta general
#35 Release build of AWT.DLL is wrong defect blocker Beta general
#44 SMP: System hangs on closing java app defect blocker GA general
#51 java.library.path is incorrectly initialized with PATH instead of LIBPATH defect blocker RC general
#58 Fatal error when installing JAlbum defect blocker RC general
#60 Provide com.sun.image.codec.jpeg package enhancement blocker RC general
#61 crashes defect blocker RC general
#64 Java.exe outputs to stderr defect blocker GA4 general
#74 update to latest openJava dmik task blocker RC2 general
#77 Can still not start Java applications defect blocker RC2 general
#161 Jeti/2 crashes on startup defect blocker GA4 general
#176 ImageJ crashes at startup defect blocker GA4 general
#191 New OpenJdk release enhancement blocker GA4 general
#15 Java Plugin for mozilla enhancement critical Enhanced general
#40 Can't find Jar file in default dir. defect critical Beta 2 general
#47 Jeti/2 app crashes during startup defect critical RC general
#48 SmartSVN fails with EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION defect critical RC general
#52 duplicate dll names defect critical RC general
#181 Java GA3 + Odin 0.8.5 breaks JDownloader defect critical GA4 general
#193 Filename by accident wrong? defect critical GA5 general
#12 Make sure os::dll_load() can load OS/2 DLLs enhancement major RC2 general
#14 Provide native implementation for task major Core general
#19 Build JPDA classes task major RC general
#24 Change calling convention from _stdcall to _System enhancement major GA2 general
#26 jongjmp() causes XCPT_INVALID_UNWIND_TARGET defect major Swing Core general
#27 timezone defect major Beta general
#33 Resolve the main thread issue task major GA2 general
#34 java.exe -server fails defect major Beta 2 general
#36 Use correct product string task major RC general
#37 Port JAWT task major Beta 2 general
#39 Decide on default fonts task major RC general
#41 Odin pack 20101230 makes å, ä , ö not working in my browser defect major Beta 2 general
#45 Drag & Drop of text causes a ClassCastException defect major Beta 2 general
#46 Java installers cannot create directories defect major Beta 2 general
#49 LVMGUI and TCPCFG2 won't start defect major GA2 general
#50 zipcontrol: error in native code defect major general
#55 Streamtastic problems or crash defect major general
#56 File-Open-Dialog: Problems with "Umlaute" defect major RC general
#57 GenealogyJ app will sometime not start due to "hang" in Java.exe defect major RC general
#66 Commonist creates no Thumbnails defect major RC general
#67 No sound defect major RC general
#78 Crash in WGSS50.DLL at exit defect major RC2 general
#79 Sound does not work in LIBPATHSTRICT=T mode defect major RC2 general
#81 JAlbum crash after Drag and Drop operation defect major RC2 general
#87 Jeti/2 crashes often at startup defect major GA general
#90 Openfire crashes. defect major GA general
#95 Printing support task major GA general
#96 SMP: Frequent crashes defect major GA general
#98 Some texts are missing on Java Application defect major GA general
#107 Drag & Drop crashes application defect major GA general
#112 SmartGIT issues defect major GA2 general
#114 FileSystemView.getFileSystemView().getSystemTypeDescription( driveletter ) defect major GA general
#120 Sound implementation need to work in shared mode defect major GA general
#129 josm EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at startup defect major GA2 general
#132 PDFSAM does not merge defect major Enhanced general
#138 Update OpenJDK to B24 enhancement major GA2 general
#139 is ignored defect major GA2 general
#140 SmartSVN fails on some SVNs but works for others defect major GA2 general
#159 Occasional hangs on Ctrl-C defect major GA2 general
#160 Attempt to protect stack guard pages failed defect major GA2 general
#162 TCP/IP Configuration app hangs defect major GA3 general
#167 New OpenJdk relese enhancement major GA3 general
#171 Problem in Java Photo Album version 9.6.1 with Openjdk1.6.0.b25GA3 defect major Next general
#173 Fatal error launching JavaRDP; intermittent network connection defect major GA4 general
#178 Print crash running Moneydance 2011 defect major GA5 general
#179 AOO hangs when using new SEH scheme defect major GA4 general
#184 FreePlane not running defect major GA4 general
#185 OPENJDK6_B25_SDK_OS2_GA3-20120721 Runtime error starting Geogebra.jar defect major Enhanced general
#199 No menu in ImageJ defect major GA5 general
#201 Stall/Hang with Java6 b27 + Odin 0.8.8 dmik defect major GA5 general
#202 Make java.awt.TextArea work defect major GA5 general
#203 Open file dialog in AWT doesn't work. defect major GA5 general
#205 Desktop on Call crashes browser and then graphicall corrupts the PMSHELL. defect major GA5 general
#206 java.awt.print failes defect major GA5 general
#240 Starting java.exe from ash/dash breaks command line arguments with spaces defect major GA6 general
#59 IzPack based installers sometimes SIGABRT at exit defect minor Enhanced general
#69 No output from java.exe -? if another Java app is already running. defect minor GA general
#123 Some remarks on Readme.os2 enhancement minor GA general
#164 Problem in LVMGUI with openjdk.b24GA2 defect minor GA5 general
#131 Please add jRipper to the list of applications task trivial general
#82 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in connection with COM ports defect Feedback Pending general
#92 Update com.sun.image.codec.jpeg package to make KRUT work defect Feedback Pending GA5 general
#108 contribution to list of working applications Silvan Scherrer enhancement Feedback Pending general
#119 Commonist does not upload defect Feedback Pending Enhanced general
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