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Can still not start Java applications

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This is the same situation as described in Ticket #57.
I have installed the new versions of Java and Odin and have still to reboot eCS 5-10 times before Genj is started. Each time the CPU-meter shows 99.9 % utilization for about 1-2 minutes before displaying the error message SYS1808: The process has stopped. The software diagnostic code (exception code) is 0005.
The new thing now is that trying to install Jalbum gives the same result (#58).
If I manage to start Genj I can close it and restart it many times without rebooting, but eventually it that luck also ends.
Normally if Genj has started I can also start the installation of Jalbum. First it displays a graphical screen and asks for language. Then a progress bar start moving, but after a few sec. it stops - and that is it. The CPU-meter show no use of the CPU (0.3 %).

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Re SYS1808. I bet you are hitting the same bug in the DosQuerySysState? API I hit here from time to time (this API is VERY-VERY-VERY bogus but it's the only way to get the information it provides). So far I haven't heard that any one else but me were seeing it. So now I have to look at it I have collected some data to debug on.

In two words, what happens is that the list of process modules is broken and contains short circuits. As a result, the routine that walks it recursively never ends, eventually eats up all the stack and crashes.

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Severity: low

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Ticket 31 is fixed. The hang should go away now. The test version of Odin is available at Please try to install it and report the results. Please note that this version is *not* for distribution.

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I have now installed the new version of Odin and, YES, the hang is gone. I have rebooted 5 times and every time Genj starts as hoped. Thank you.
I still can't install Jalbum, there is no change. The behavior is as described. I will create a new ticket after having downloaded Jalbum again and done some testing with the same jar-file in windows.

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Thanks for testing.

Regarding the JAlbum installer hang. Please see #80.

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