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#134 Sweethome3D can't be installed new defect blocker Enhanced
#136 Jaco-Watermark doesn't start due to missing windows look and feel new defect blocker Enhanced
#237 Crash in TVBrowser new defect blocker Enhanced
#245 jvm.dll crash new defect blocker Enhanced
#72 swt port new enhancement critical Next
#75 Java Web Start Function required new enhancement critical GA6
#177 icedtea-web plugin stops working after reloading page new defect critical GA6
#13 Use _stati64() and friends new enhancement major Enhanced
#18 Port new enhancement major Enhanced
#21 Provide SmartCard support ( package) new enhancement major Enhanced
#22 Test with TCK new task major Enhanced
#30 Enable DirectX support new defect major Enhanced
#32 Link to freetype.dll new enhancement major GA6
#38 Compile Windows resources new enhancement major Enhanced
#70 Depend on Liberation fonts new task major Next
#97 JVM exception reporter routine crashes new defect major Next
#99 IntelliJ Idea new task major Next
#117 DragText crashes Java apps in PMCTLS new enhancement major Enhanced
#118 SMP: mprotect-based membars don't work well new task major Next
#137 Missing JAVA 3D new enhancement major Enhanced
#142 Can't record sound in Java 1.6GA new defect major Enhanced
#143 Links do not work on the startup page in JOSM new defect major Enhanced
#153 Playing AU sound files is not as good as playing natively on OS/2 new defect major Enhanced
#157 Port hotspot launcher new defect major Enhanced
#165 Keyboard focus lost using JavaRDP 16-1.1 (or oroperJavaRDP) after task switch new defect major Next
#166 JavaRDP 14-1.1 CPU hog when minimized new defect major Next
#169 icedtea-web: Fix file locking new task major Next
#170 HP JetDirect Applet doesn't work new defect major Next
#187 I cant load "folders upload" in GMAIL, drive option new defect major Enhanced
#194 the trustAnchors parameters must be non-empty new defect major Enhanced
#195 ProjectLibre unstable and produces hs_err_pidXXX.logs new Joop defect major GA6
#197 Fatal error when running Freemind 09.0 (0.8.1 works fine. reopened defect major Enhanced
#198 Port OpenJDK 7 new task major Enhanced
#200 Full screen (ie same installed resolution monitor) Java session crashes WPS new defect major Enhanced
#209 dm Fotoservice not working new defect major Enhanced
#210 Incorrect Time value returned when TZ = GMT0 new defect major Enhanced
#211 File size greater than 2 gig causes a failure to read size. new defect major Enhanced
#213 Java crashes eCS 2.1 new defect major Enhanced
#214 JDownloader2 Java Lang Null Pointer Exception new defect major Enhanced
#215 Failing Java AWT windows new defect major Enhanced
#218 define jbyte as signed char new defect major GA6
#219 netbeans 4.1, Problem writing to output file new defect major Enhanced
#223 Problem with File browser dialog icon in jEdit 1.5 new defect major GA6
#224 copy/paste problem new defect major GA6
#225 Add EXCEPTQ support new enhancement major GA6
#226 fmutex deadlock: Recursive mutex! new defect major Enhanced
#227 Assertion failed: _UM_LUMP_STATUS new defect major Enhanced
#228 ProcessIdToSessionId missing in KERNEL32 new defect major Enhanced
#230 IcedTea-Web: build version 1.5.1 new defect major Enhanced
#235 JVM crash with Apache OpenOffice extension loading new defect major Enhanced
#239 Japanese input trouble new defect major Enhanced
#241 "cacert" is empty new defect major Enhanced
#242 Can't build openjdk6 new defect major Enhanced
#62 RMB can't be used to resize windows new defect minor Enhanced
#73 Polarbar mailer new defect minor Enhanced
#80 JAlbum Java installer does not work new defect minor
#149 Missing HTML Convert from Distribution new enhancement minor Next
#156 Splash screens do not display new defect minor Enhanced
#183 IcedTea-web minor problems new defect minor Enhanced
#204 Problems using Help menus in Java apps new defect minor Enhanced
#231 System.exit delayed new defect minor Enhanced
#244 Update screenshots and wiki text new Lewis Rosenthal task minor Next
#229 Single crash with SmartSVN6.6 new defect trivial Enhanced
#236 Moneydance 2015 not running new task trivial Next
#65 Java traps System (000e) reopened defect Feedback Pending
#93 Limit on Internet Connections Reached Rapidly new defect Feedback Pending
#127 -Xmx400m and above crashes SMP machine when concurrently running VPC new defect Feedback Pending
#158 SmartGIT 3 doesn't support OS/2 new task Feedback Pending Next
#188 I can't load this page which uses JAVA new defect Feedback Pending Enhanced
#212 IcedTeaWeb plugin 1.3 Beta fails to work reopened defect Feedback Pending Enhanced
#220 Failure running ECS 2.0 TCPIP Configuration Application new defect Feedback Pending Enhanced
#232 javamail with SSL does not work new defect Feedback Pending Enhanced
#238 Commonist can not log in new defect Feedback Pending Enhanced
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