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#180 invalid I'm unable to use IcedTea plugin Anchieri

I have installed your plugin in dir: C:\PROGRAMS\MOZ_PLUG after that I visited the web site:

that is indicated in your OS2 read me for testing the plugin, but I receive this messages in Populog: 07-26-2012 14:42:12 SYS2070 PID 0056 TID 0001 Slot 00b5 H:\SEAMONKEY\SEAMONKEY.EXE NPICEDT->GLIB2._g_main_context_os2_stop_pm_integration 127

07-28-2012 16:02:09 SYS2070 PID 004e TID 0001 Slot 00a2 C:\PROGRAMS\FIREFOX\FIREFOX.EXE NPICEDT->GLIB2._g_main_context_os2_stop_pm_integration 127

07-28-2012 16:13:37 SYS2070 PID 0046 TID 0001 Slot 009a C:\PROGRAMS\FIREFOX\FIREFOX.EXE NPICEDT->GLIB2._g_main_context_os2_stop_pm_integration 127

I have this two statement in config.sys as stated in the same read me: SET ICEDTEA_WEB_JRE=H:\JAVA_6\JRE SET ICEDTEA_WEB_DATA=C:\PROGRAMS\MOZ_PLUG\NPICEDT

Seamonkey is and firefox is

#186 wontfix Firefox and also Seamonkey are unable to visualize web page Anchieri

I have installed and, but I was unable to visualize this two web page: first: javascript:document.formVisualizzaFattura.codiceCliente.value="768123";document.formVisualizzaFattura.codiceContratto.value="25773392";document.formVisualizzaFattura.dataFattura.value="30-04-2012";document.formVisualizzaFattura.fatturaNotaCredito.value="FATTURA";document.formVisualizzaFattura.codiceSocietaCompetenza.value="55";document.formVisualizzaFattura.codiceUtentePerLog.value="136823016";conferma();

the second:

If I use firefox under my VirtualBox?-161-r9190-build10.wpi this page is visualized perfectly Is this a problem of Java plugin or a Firefox/Mozilla? problem?

#207 invalid Java 160b27GA5 Anchieri

I have tested your last version of java with LVMGUI to view if menu bar item appear or not and I have noted that now is possible to use all function in it, but during the start of program I receive this message on console:

Err in GetFreeSize?, Err= 21 RETURN CODE IS= -1

the command that I use is: JAVA.EXE -cp C:\OS2JAVAAPPS\LVMGUI.ZIP lvmgui.

After many test I obtained a hang that force me to reboot with C.A.D. I attached a captured image of lvmgui window (lvmgui.jpg).

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