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#323 invalid Consider setting sane value for INFOPATH in postin scriptlet lewisr

Currently, info (5.2-3) and man-db ( do not set path variables during installation. While some of us prefer to set these values for ourselves, others may not be aware as to why, for example:

[q:\] info info

fails to find info.

It might be wise to add basic settings via postin scriplet for each of these (basic = x:\usr\share\man and x:\usr\share\info, where x: is %UNIXROOT%).


#322 fixed man-db should require newer db4 lewisr

This is a similar case to issues reported and discussed in #257 and #259, I think.

System was a fresh ArcaOS beta with updated bootstrap (20181127), which includes:

db4-4.8.30-6 db4-utils-4.8.30-6

Installing the above man-db and detected prerequisites of:

groff-base libiconv libiconv-utils libpipeline

leaves man unable to function:

N:\USR\BIN\MAN.EXE MAND2761->DB48.___db185_open 127

Updating db4 to 4.8.30-8 apparently provides the missing export.

Recommend handling this the same way as #257 until the enhancement discussed in #259 has been implemented.

The average user is not going to know what's wrong, I'm afraid.

#321 fixed os2-rpm 1-3 symlink change renders some packages unable to install lewisr

I just updated the i686 and pentium4 bootstrap zips, and after a test install of an ArcaOS trunk build, I find that libqt4 will not install, complaining that the PREIN scriptlet cannot find /@unixroot/usr/lib/rpm/warpin-conflicts.exe.

These symlinks were apparently changed in os2-rpm 1-3 to not have extensions. Unfortunately, it seems that some packages are still looking for them.

Copying /@unixroot/usr/lib/rpm/warpin-conflicts to /@unixroot/usr/lib/rpm/warpin-conflicts.exe allows the installation of libqt4 to complete successfully.

While the ultimate fix is in the spec files for the affected packages, it may be wise to maintain two symlinks for each of these or create a separate package to install/remove the additional (missing) symlinks.

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