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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#134 spec: Standardize debug package creation defect blocker rpm
#171 python/yum doesn't find module site defect blocker python
#172 hard links detected (was: yum install perl fails) ydario defect blocker rpm
#245 Provide os2-rpm package enhancement blocker rpm
#265 brp-compress defect blocker rpm
#331 Fluidsynth install fails defect blocker rpm
#49 cpio can not stat files. defect critical other
#53 gawk does not install: error in rpm-cpio ydario defect critical rpm
#118 rpm-build: Strange failure defect critical rpm
#119 rpm-build: Support macros.d defect critical rpm
#131 Unable to download repository data defect critical rpm
#138 pthread spec defect critical spec files
#166 coexisting packages / legacy packages task critical spec files
#181 Pkg-config no longer builds Mozilla defect critical spec files
#191 python subprocess.Popen() defect critical python
#241 lua support in rpm dmik enhancement critical rpm
#279 Howto for developers spreads unclear information defect critical rpm
#329 libc spec defect critical spec files
#4 rpm: allow creation of wps objects ydario enhancement major rpm
#5 rpm: allow modification of config.sys ydario enhancement major rpm
#6 rpm: automatic requires clause for python/perl code ydario defect major rpm
#8 install fails on some packages ydario defect major yum
#9 rpm: %pre fails installation ydario defect major rpm
#11 Consider adding SET PYTHONPATH to CONFIG.SYS ydario defect major python
#12 ClamAV install Incomplete? ydario defect major clamav
#13 YUM CLEAN problems ydario defect major yum
#14 SET PATH problem ydario defect major yum
#15 Bootstrap 1.3 tangle. ydario defect major rpm
#16 pthread.dll not installed defect major other
#17 rpmbuild can't stand CRLF in .spec files ydario defect major rpm
#18 Provide CUBE replacement ydario task major rpm
#19 Provide CUBE replacement ydario task major rpm
#21 Libc header conflict with db.h and libintl.h defect major other
#23 rpm: timestamps are not preserved when installing ydario defect major rpm
#26 GNU info/man build required to read documentation ydario task major other
#27 warpin-conflicts should use wic -p ydario defect major rpm
#29 Updating package kills WPS objects ydario defect major rpm
#30 WPS objects are killed on package update ydario defect major rpm
#31 yum reports WarpIn database locked/in-use when it is not ydario defect major rpm
#32 LIBC PANIC!! when installing clamav ydario defect major python
#34 yum update fails (looks like download fails) David Burtness defect major yum
#35 update no longer works ydario defect major rpm
#36 yum install netlabs-exp kills rsync? ydario defect major rpm
#37 YUM UPDATE problem ydario defect major rpm
#38 Install yum without Internet connection ydario task major yum
#42 Python 2.7 causes YUM to fail ydario defect major python
#46 installation script of cups-base-1_4_8.wpi uses wrong LIBPATH defect major other
#47 pdftops does not work: can not print pdfs defect major other
#48 git pull can not find message file defect major other
#50 Bootstrap error ydario defect major rpm
#51 Yum bootstrap error ydario defect major rpm
#52 wrong dependency for python executable (wrong directory) in python-tools ydario defect major rpm
#56 bash fails to execute rexx scripts: OS/2 extended shebang lines ydario defect major rpm
#57 yum update failure - perl ydario defect major rpm
#59 Yum install cannot install (8) packages ydario defect major yum
#62 Rpm2cpio ydario defect major rpm
#63 gcc335 conflict defect major rpm
#65 yum shell hangs defect major python
#66 YUM doesn't work after update defect major rpm
#67 Yum/Rpm stopped working defect major rpm
#68 Strange problems with gcc473.dll after "yum update" defect major rpm
#69 Trap in gcc473.dll (yum: Python error and general qt4gui.dll loading error) after update defect major other
#70 python: Update to 2.7 task major python
#72 rpm-yum-bootstrap-1_3.wpi defect major rpm
#73 createrepo fails defect major rpm
#74 Package gawk-4.0.0-2.oc00.i686.rpm is broken defect major rpm
#75 Mercurial package broken with python27 defect major rpm
#76 spec: Pull sources directly from SVN/GIT enhancement major spec files
#77 'No module named urlgrabber' after 'yum update python' diver defect major yum
#79 False (?) error message for watcom-wrc defect major rpm
#80 The Perl RPM package doesn't actually contain any Perl defect major milestone1 rpm
#81 git-all RPM package fails to install due to dependency resolution failure defect major milestone1 rpm
#82 A conflict between RPM packages libmpc3 and mpc-devel: both cannot be installed at the same time defect major milestone1 rpm
#83 The base64.exe tool from coreutils RPM package is broken: base64 decoding doesn't work defect major milestone1 rpm
#84 Our bash port is broken, and doesn't work with the RPM/YUM environment properly defect major milestone1 rpm
#85 yum install openssl-static does not work defect major rpm
#86 Our bash port is broken #2: it doesn't know anything about /@unixroot/ defect major milestone1 rpm
#87 The ash RPM package doesn't actually contain any ash defect major milestone1 rpm
#91 python: (2.7.6) trouble with SSL (to access repo from https) defect major python
#92 yum-utils is missing confs for plugins defect major yum
#93 autoconf213 fails defect major rpm
#96 Running Python while VRXEDIT.EXE is running causes hang defect major python
#100 Unable to update to rpm-libs 4.8.1-19 and urpo 20150101-9 defect major rpm
#102 yum update failed on updating RPM defect major rpm
#106 netlabs build script enhancement major rpm
#107 gettext-libs- requires gcc1.dll defect major rpm
#108 Need to change architecture to install libgcc1 defect major rpm
#109 usbcalls, usbcalls-debug, and usbcalls-devel are obsolete defect major yum
#112 os2.lib is missing SafeWinUpper symbol defect major other
#115 Package intended for a noarch architecture? defect major rpm
#116 yum update on a new yum install fails defect major rpm
#121 Crash on using QT4 programs, Java programs and also in Lucide defect major yum
#122 python2.7 crash with yum update defect major python
#123 Problem analyse tool defect major rpm
#128 AttributeError defect major rpm
#129 is broken defect major other
#133 /@unixroot/usr/include/paths.h is wrong defect major other
#135 Use platform/<name>/macros defect major rpm
#136 python 2.7.6 loses pipe output. dmik defect major python
#137 rpm: Remove /@unixroot/bin/sh dependency defect major rpm
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