Aug 26, 2008:

5:48 PM Ticket #137 (Uniaud32 Makefile improvements from Mike) created by Brendan Oakley
Mike Greene wrote a new set of Makefiles for Uniaud32 some time ago, …
2:31 PM Ticket #14 (can't record with Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro) reopened by Brendan Oakley
We have the address of the reporter. Let us contact him for updated …
2:27 PM Ticket #121 (machine hangswhenrunning Zmp3 player in share mode andplaya ...) reopened by Brendan Oakley
Re-opening on the assumption that if it is in uniaud16 it is …
2:20 PM Ticket #10 (Microphone disfunctionality) reopened by Brendan Oakley
Hm, rather than marking "wontfix", would have been preferable to try …
6:59 AM Ticket #91 (SB Audigy LS (1102:0007) no sound) closed by Brendan Oakley
duplicate: Duplicate of ticket:63. According to it, RC3 was also silent.
6:38 AM Ticket #55 (Intel HDAudio ICH7 and Realtek ALC883 several missing controls using ...) closed by Brendan Oakley
wontfix: UnimixPM is not part of the Uniaud project.
6:25 AM Ticket #62 (RC3 fails on Intel 915GAVL boards with SBLive 5.1 model 200 PCI card) closed by Brendan Oakley
fixed: Duplicate of ticket:37. Fixed in 1.1.4RC5.
3:19 AM Ticket #136 (Build Uniaud32 without DDK) created by Brendan Oakley
This is closely related to Ticket #51. While not entirely impossible, …
12:16 AM Ticket #135 (LBMix) created by Brendan Oakley
After a thorough discussion regarding mixers on uniaud-dev, it was …

Aug 25, 2008:

11:51 PM Ticket #134 (Lars' Installer) created by Brendan Oakley
Lars Erdmann wrote a replacement installer for Uniaud. It, and its …

Aug 22, 2008:

6:05 AM Ticket #133 (Uniaud32 generates compile warnings) created by Brendan Oakley
I'd like to fix these for 1.1.4GA.

Aug 21, 2008:

3:17 AM Ticket #132 (Drop HDA support from 1.1.4) created by Brendan Oakley
To my knowledge, there has been little to no success with any HDA …
12:46 AM Ticket #131 (ACPI toolkit information) created by Brendan Oakley
The version of the ACPI toolkit …
12:28 AM Ticket #130 (Build instructions are out of date) created by Brendan Oakley
Skimming through the instructions on the wiki site, I'm pretty sure …

Aug 20, 2008:

2:56 PM Ticket #52 (Some build setups generate a Uniaud32.sys which fails to produce sound ...) closed by Brendan Oakley
worksforme: The particular variation described in this ticket is fixed with an …
2:46 PM Ticket #129 (Compile requires OpenWatcom > 1.6) created by Brendan Oakley
The 64-bit math bug in OW1.6 discovered in ticket #52 prevents …

Aug 11, 2008:

12:00 AM Ticket #128 (114RC6 is silent with NForce AC'97 (10DE:0059)) created by Tom Brown
I have just installed eCS 2.0 RC5 on a Tyan S2895-A2NRF Thunder K8WE …

Aug 7, 2008:

2:01 AM WikiStart edited by stevenhl
update login info (diff)

Jul 26, 2008:

7:12 AM Ticket #127 (HD Audio with ALC888 lock computer) created by jep
HD Audio: Realtek ALC888 / ALC888T The installed Soundblaster Live …
5:12 AM Changeset [364] by Paul Smedley
Remove obsolete file
1:06 AM Changeset [363] by Paul Smedley
Add missing file

Jul 22, 2008:

10:05 AM Changeset [362] by Paul Smedley
Remove obsolete file

Jul 21, 2008:

1:48 AM Changeset [361] by Brendan Oakley
Clean also should delete *.lib and uniaud32.sy*
1:28 AM Changeset [360] by Brendan Oakley
Missed one file
1:16 AM Changeset [359] by Brendan Oakley
Fix make clean

Jul 16, 2008:

9:53 AM Changeset [358] by Paul Smedley
Update uniaud32-2.0 branch to ALSA 1.0.17
2:59 AM Ticket #65 (NVidia HDA and Realtek ALC882: no sound with RC3) closed by Paul Smedley

Jul 8, 2008:

5:44 AM Ticket #126 (On NVidia HDA (10DE:03F0) system freezes for 30 seconds when a sound ...) created by sandys
When a sound, like for information, is played, the whole system will …

Jul 2, 2008:

4:44 PM Ticket #125 (cardinfo.dll has problem with readonly yab) created by ecsnl
With eCS RC 5 testing it turned out cardinfo.dll would cause minstall …

Jun 26, 2008:

6:50 PM Ticket #112 (114RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5 all cause Traps with SB0090) closed by Brendan Oakley
fixed: Reported fixed in 1.1.4RC6.

Jun 24, 2008:

6:16 PM Ticket #123 (No Sound on a Asus M2N Board.) closed by Brendan Oakley
duplicate: Isn't this the same as #124 ?

Jun 23, 2008:

5:11 PM Ticket #124 (No sound with sCS 1.2R on a ASUS M2N Board) closed by Brendan Oakley
invalid: The pci.txt file used is too old to identify the hardware. The alsahlp …

Jun 14, 2008:

11:38 AM Ticket #124 (No sound with sCS 1.2R on a ASUS M2N Board) created by Steve Wendt
UNIAUD32 knows the Chip and gives the irq 11. (irq 11 is shared with 5 …
11:26 AM Ticket #123 (No Sound on a Asus M2N Board.) created by Steve Wendt
Running eCS 1.2R. UNIAUD32 is using irq 11 (shared with 5 other …

Jun 4, 2008:

3:02 PM Ticket #122 (UNIAUD32 Problems with ICH7 + ALC662 - 1.1.4RCx and 1.9.x) created by Steve Wendt
After I installed eCS RC4 to this new machine (Core2 Quad on a …
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