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Enable DirectX support

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OpenJDK has support for DirectX 7 (both DirectDraw? and Direct3D) to speed up 2D operations but we only have DirectX 4 in Odin32.

For this reason, the current Direct3D code in the java2d module cannot be compiled.

Possible ways to go:

a) Restrict this support to only what is possible in DirectX 4.
b) Enhance Odin32 to support DirectX 7 (as much as possible, providing emulation for missing 3D bits).
c) Disable use of DirectX in OpenJDK at all (and probably use DIVE directly instead).

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comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by dmik

First, I tried to go the a) way but it appears to be more complex than we can afford now$ b) is even more complex. So I stopped at c) now. We will decide later.

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