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Limit on Internet Connections Reached Rapidly

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Component: general Version: 1.6.0-b22 RC2
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According to SmartCache?, "Most browsers are configured to open 4 connections to the server. 30 connections should be enough for 6 simultaneous users.". Yet, this Java proxy runs out of connections really fast under Java 1.60. Goldencode Java 1.41 and Innotek 1.42 do not have this problem.

I think the issue is that certain advertising links are blocked by Ghostery (a FireFox? add-on) or re-directed to the Hosts file and those connections are never released or released too slowly by Java 1.60. I can surf the Internet for 20 minutes-ish then the connection limit is reached.

Symptoms include

  1. exit of Java.exe (clearing proxy cache by GC then reloading Java by InitJava?.cmd sometimes helps. However, Java can sometimes refuse to reload - eComStation reboot necessary at this point)
  1. freezing on or exit of FireFox? 3.6.16 (restarting sometimes help)
  1. messing up of proxy cache (complete deletion of all proxy cache files necessary)

I've included the two SmartCache? .cnf files that I changed. Smartcache 0.93 is also included. InitJava?.cmd is used to restart Java.

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All error messages and config files

comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by RealPhil

Okay, SmartCache? 0.93 is not included. It exceeds the upload size allowed. Sorry!

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by dmik

Priority: majorFeedback Pending
Severity: highmedium

Thank you for the report. Please try this configuration with OpenJDK 6 b22 under another OS (Windows or Linux). It may be a cross-platform limitation, given that Odin-based 1.4.2 works OK for you.

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by RealPhil

Well, the following were tried with my SmartCache? configuration:

Windows - OSCG-openjdk6b21-1 and Java6b24

Ubuntu - openjdkb22

and I can't duplicate the issue I'm have with Java 1.60b22r2 on eCS 2.0 with these other platforms.

I'm not a programmer, but hazarding a guess - blocked re-directions might be a problem. The length of workable access to the Internet seems to depend on two sections in SmartCache?. Here's one of them:

pragma:no cache handling or "what to do with non-cacheable documents."
# expires < now is the same as pragma: no-cache.
# Parameters:
# 0 - Standard setting - be nice - don't cache any uncacheable objects.
# 1 - Cache all uncacheable documents
# 2 - Cache only uncacheable images, (probably only adv and counters).
# 3 - Cache everything except uncacheable text objects.
# 4 - Cache everything except uncacheable redirects.
# NOTE: If this cache serves multiple users using "mode 1" may cause some troubles,
# however, modes 2 or 3 are safe. (3 is better than 2.)
# Also, if you are having troubles with redirects try 4.
# NOTE2: nonzero value violates HTTP/1.1 standard.
pragma_no_cache 3

I've tried everything except 0. Currently using 3 but 4 is really bad.

comment:4 Changed 9 years ago by dmik

Please test it with the latest GA release. There were fixes that could influence this problem.

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