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#81 Error defect trivial General 4.5.1 Beta 2
#95 Implement drag and drop defect major General 4.5.1 Beta 3
#97 Fonts: too small size and character spacing defect major General 4.5.1 Beta 3
#118 showFullScreen() of a frame window defect major QtGui 4.5.1 Beta 5
#124 QSynth makes CPU load 99.9% defect major General 4.5.1 GA
#129 Build break using GCC 3.3.5 defect major QtGui 4.5.1 GA
#132 Designer refuses to load ui file produced with QtCreator on Windows defect major Tools 4.5.1 GA
#133 API_FPU_CW_Wrappers.h errors defect major General 4.5.1 GA
#134 QMake: Incorrectly generated INCLUDE entries due to missing substutution in moc.prf/uic.prf defect major qmake 4.5.1 GA
#138 QMake ignores LIBS_PRIVATE defect major qmake 4.5.1 GA
#140 Filedialog in 4.6.1 trunk shows slashes on drive letters defect major General 4.5.1 GA
#142 QT4-GA setup documentation-- at best, a disaster! defect major General 4.5.1 GA
#145 Can't checkout SVN anymore defect blocker General Unknown
#147 runtime wpi still halts on no Xcenter defect major General 4.5.1 GA
#149 VLC blocked when opening a non-existent file and quitting defect major QtCore 4.5.1 GA
#150 MOC output on "No relevant classes found" defect minor Tools Unknown
#151 QFile::copy fails defect major QtCore 4.5.1 GA
#153 Remove the need of GCC422.DLL defect minor General 4.5.1 GA
#156 QAssistant won't start defect major General 4.6.2
#157 Examples and Demos will not launch. defect major General 4.6.2
#158 No Help in QT Designer or Linguist defect major General 4.6.2
#159 DIVE modes crash on 24bit (BGR3) screen surface defect major QtGui 4.6.2
#160 Assistant not drawing correctly on startup (direct frame bufffer mode only) defect major QtGui 4.6.2
#161 QWidget and WS_CLIPCHILDREN defect major QtGui 4.6.2
#162 Deadlock of QMutex when quitting VLC defect blocker QtGui 4.6.2
#163 Screen corrupted when using QT_PM_DIVE defect major QtGui 4.6.2
#164 File open dialog not sorting by name defect major QtGui 4.6.2
#165 Entry input fields in Webkit don't accept some characters defect major General 4.6.2
#180 Location of ui_*.h defect major qmake 4.6.2
#182 Arora page loading performance defect major General 4.6.2
#195 Automated installation via WIC is disabled defect minor General 4.6.2
#200 QTextEdit (and maybe other widget classes) consumes keyboard shortcuts defect major QtGui 4.6.3
#207 omit linking produces make error defect major qmake 4.6.3
#209 xCenter widget and "Always on top" defect minor QtGui 4.6.3
#210 Re-release 4.6.3 with SSL patch included defect major QtNetwork 4.6.3
#213 UIC hogs CPU defect minor Tools 4.6.3
#217 QMake delivers mixed separators defect minor qmake 4.6.3
#256 Unable to install qt4-devel-kit or qt4-demos packages using YUM defect major General 4.7.3
#257 Systray doesn't work anymore defect major xsystray 4.7.3
#259 Entry in qmake created *.pro causes Warning defect trivial qmake 4.7.3
#262 qt4-linguist package should have dependency to qt assistant defect trivial rpm package 4.7.3
#263 qt4-linguist, help does not work defect major Demo Apps 4.7.3
#264 smplayer 'hangs' on exit defect Feedback Pending General 4.7.3
#265 REXX errro in runmapsym defect major General 4.7.3
#268 file selection doesn't always work defect Feedback Pending General 4.7.3
#272 Flash for Qt broser defect major General 4.7.3
#273 Error when building Tea defect major General 4.7.3
#285 Characterset Problems defect major General 4.7.3
#290 QProcess defect Feedback Pending General 4.7.3
#291 An attempt to copy an empty directory breaks installation defect Feedback Pending qmake 4.7.3
#293 Inconsistent left mouse button behavior in all Qt apps with SNAP and animated pointers Lewisr defect minor QtGui 4.7.3
#295 More and more newer qt4 applications do not work defect major General 4.7.3
#302 qmake no longer works after yum update defect major qmake 4.7.3
#304 RPM package libqt4 contains old version of qtnet4.dll defect major General 4.7.3
#310 Debug build configuration looks for nonexistent libraries defect major General 4.7.3
#16 Port all remaining classes task major General 4.5.1 Beta 1
#17 Port qt3support module task major General 4.5.1 Beta 1
#35 Finish QColormap task minor QtGui 4.5.1 Beta 1
#42 Port QFileDialog task major QtGui 4.5.1 Beta 1
#64 Port qt3support module task minor General 4.5.1 Beta 1
#120 Nokia task minor General 4.5.1 Beta 5
#189 Inconsitent behavior of QWebSettings::(set)iconDatabasePath() task minor General 4.6.2
#260 Garbage in /usr/share/man task Feedback Pending rpm package 4.7.3
#269 Missing files with YUM task trivial rpm package 4.7.3
#294 QtDBus task major General 4.7.3
#96 Qopengl enhancement major General 4.5.1 Beta 3
#116 Enable precompiled headers enhancement major General 4.5.1 Beta 5
#139 Enable drive icons enhancement minor QtGui 4.5.1 GA
#155 Depend on WarpIn 1.0.20 enhancement major General 4.5.1 GA
#193 Reconsider usage of native file dialogs enhancement minor QtGui 4.6.2
#253 Warp4 Style enhancement minor QtGui 4.6.3
#258 Use qt4 as the root directory rather than qt4-<version of qt> enhancement major General 4.7.3
#271 Mozilla plugin support enhancement Feedback Pending General 4.7.3
#303 convert qmake.conf to have it working in a non cmd shell env enhancement major qmake 4.7.3
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