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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#294 Unable to print with CUPS 1.4.8 new defect critical
#12 Add help-pages new lewisr enhancement major Future
#42 Error reporting for plugin rendering API new enhancement major 1.4.0
#44 Index.html handing off to Index.djvu new enhancement major Future
#104 Plugin for viewing SVG files new enhancement major Future
#149 WPS-Integration: Enable RMB-Print for PDF-Files new enhancement major Future
#168 add: "fit to page" new enhancement major Future
#263 Do not create thumbnail for encrypted PDF assigned gyoung defect major 1.4.0
#268 Packaging requirements for 1.4.0 new task major 1.4.0
#292 Lucide should have its own INI instead of clutering up OS2.INI reopened gyoung task major Future
#297 last night's poppler update seems to have damaged the pdf plugin new defect major
#22 Open files in read mode and re-read the file after it has been changed new enhancement minor Future
#121 Redrawing pages only when file has changed new enhancement minor Future
#173 Cannot handle scripted PDF forms (dropdowns, etc.) new enhancement minor Future
#181 Allow Save As to save to the same file reopened enhancement minor 1.4.0
#202 Comic book support new enhancement minor Future
#229 Unsupported document (can't render PDFs that check Adobe Reader is there using JavaScript) new enhancement minor Future
#246 Need ability to annotate PDFs reopened enhancement minor Future
#254 edited fill-in pdfs display/print old data reopened defect minor 1.4.0
#256 Add view thumbnails as option for navigation pane new enhancement minor Future
#257 Add tabbed viewing new enhancement minor Future
#258 Add selectable print ranges new enhancement minor Future
#259 Enhance print layout options new enhancement minor Future
#260 PCL plugin new enhancement minor Future
#261 XPS plugin new enhancement minor Future
#262 PS plugin new enhancement minor Future
#265 Page content not always in sync with page indicators (lag when changing pages) new defect minor 1.4.0
#267 Make thumbnails optional assigned gyoung enhancement minor 1.4.0
#269 Test file link collector new task minor Future
#270 Thumbnail creation very slow for larger and/or graphics-intensive PDF new defect minor 1.4.0
#271 Create thumbnails in background new enhancement minor 1.4.0
#273 Better file save new enhancement minor 1.4.0
#274 Once a document has been Saved As, don't prompt to save the document upon closing new defect minor Future
#276 Add modifiers to expand/collapse all tree items in navigation pane new enhancement minor 1.4.0
#281 Add preference for measurements (mm vs in) new enhancement minor Future
#282 Display a warning when the installed poppler lib is not at the required level to support the current PDF plugin new enhancement minor Future
#283 Consider removing JPG plugin in favor of GBM new enhancement minor 1.4.0
#290 Saving as does not add newly saved file to recent files list new defect minor Future
#295 Build against poppler 0.47.0 new task minor
#187 More extensions for Lucide program object new enhancement trivial 1.4.0
#296 Add build level strings to exe and dlls new task trivial 1.4.0
#298 Make progress meter more useful new enhancement trivial
#236 Cannot advance to next image (Shift-PgDn) when viewing document when multiple plugins handle same type new defect Feedback Pending Future
#238 Will only save the first time entries are made into form document. new defect Feedback Pending 1.4.0
#242 Lucide does not print on laser printer automatic new lewisr defect Feedback Pending Future
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