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#132 Drop HDA support from 1.1.4 gentux2 task highest 1.1.4RC6 normal
#108 On nVidia nForce3 AC'97 (10DE:00EA) no sound - "sputters" in RC6 gentux2 defect high 1.1.4RC5 normal
#109 On SB Live (1102:002) trap after shut down, before turning system off gentux2 defect high 1.1.4RC5 normal
#21 Playing audio it sounds like a record recorded ay 45 RPM playing at 33 1/3 gentux2 defect normal 1.1.4 critical
#22 Now audio is played to fast... yoda defect normal 1.1.4 critical
#37 UniAud stopped producing sound on SB Live after 114rc1 gentux2 defect normal 1.1.4 normal
#62 RC3 fails on Intel 915GAVL boards with SBLive 5.1 model 200 PCI card defect normal 1.1.4RC4 normal
#67 No sound On Crystal AC'97 with Uniaud RC3, previous version OK gentux2 defect normal 1.1.4 normal
#73 UniAud 1.1.4 rc3+4 high pitch yoda defect normal 1.1.4 normal
#86 Similar to ticket 37 except with a crystal 4614 card. No sound on RC2, RC3 and now RC4. gentux2 defect normal 1.1.4 normal
#102 Device is not in proper state - after RC1 psmedley defect normal 1.1.4 normal
#112 114RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5 all cause Traps with SB0090 defect normal 1.1.4RC5 normal
#113 On Intel ICH3 AC'97 (8086:2485) volume is muted after playing sound defect normal 1.1.4RC5 normal
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