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#36 git: pull doesn't work defect blocker
#63 pthread ydario defect blocker *none
#177 "aspell" bombs with library error trying to check an HTML file defect blocker *none
#25 perl: system() fails on sh scripts in scalar mode defect critical
#32 mmap: Add support for MAP_SHARED dmik enhancement critical mmap
#46 libtool dmik defect critical libtool
#77 fontconfig: Switch to upstream task critical fontconfig
#107 libtool defect critical libtool
#149 gzip: creates wrong header on FAT file systems defect critical *none
#1 rpm package for lzo somebody enhancement major create spec file *none
#2 rpm package for jpeg somebody defect major djvulibre
#5 testticket diver defect major djvulibre
#6 file: zmagic code fails on fork() defect major file
#8 coreutils: hostid does not support setting host id defect major coreutils
#9 clamav: ClamAV install Incomplete? defect major clamav
#10 freetype defect major *none
#12 Objects not created and 'not installed message defect major *none
#13 coreutils: cannot change owner and group defect major coreutils
#15 Openssl crashes with 6 cores defect major *none
#16 cpio can not stat files. defect major *none
#17 DJVulibre Problems diver defect major djvulibre
#18 unzip: Problems with unpacking symlinks defect major *none
#19 git: Apply patches by bauxite defect major *none
#23 expat: Compile with GCC defect major
#24 autoconf / automake: apply patches by KOMH defect major
#26 ash: Import sources defect major shell
#27 ash: Predefined macro $? gets wrong value defect major shell
#28 m4: RPM build fails to process `m4_esyscmd` macro defect major
#29 libtool: create repo and import patches by KOMH defect major
#30 openssl: Make 1.0.1 series build task major openssl
#31 patch doesn't work properly enhancement major *none
#34 git: Support USE_CURL_MULTI defect major
#35 git: commands implemented as shell scripts fail defect major
#37 git: Make version 2.1.0 work task major dev tools git
#38 git: clone of big repo crashes defect major dev tools git
#39 git: pull sometimes refuses to merge defect major dev tools git
#40 Git v2.0.0 defect major dev tools git
#41 libtool: DLL version suffix doesn't follow version-info idea defect major libtool
#42 ash: Search for script interpreter in PATH defect major shell
#48 Unzip 6.0 claims to need PHP5 defect major *none
#49 lt_cv_sys_cmd_len=8192 dmik defect major libtool
#50 urpo: implement rmdir() enhancement major *none
#58 ash: massive wildcard expansion hangs up the system defect major shell
#60 ash: double quotes are always escaped with backslash defect major shell
#61 ash: Create repository defect major
#64 python 2.7.6 loses pipe output. defect major *none
#65 Pthread defect major *none
#66 dash: autoreconf cannot run libtoolize defect major shell
#68 urpo ydario task major *none
#69 libtool: os2dllname switch not working dmik defect major dev tools libtool
#71 Boost build problems defect major *none
#72 libtool: set libext to lib when using emxomfar defect major dev tools libtool
#73 RSync 3.09 (SHL) and Zip 3.0 (July 5th 2008), crash when they encounter a file that has a blank EA, with no data. defect major *none
#74 libtool: -export-symbols-regex breaks things defect major dev tools libtool
#75 fontconfig: Support multiple property values in matching code defect major
#76 fontconfig: Firefox 31 font quality regression defect major *none
#78 fontconfig: Read default fonts from PM registry task major fontconfig
#79 fontconfig: Add default font substitutions task major fontconfig
#82 fontconfig: Implement atomic primitives defect major fontconfig
#86 After fontconfig was updated CR3 doesn't start defect major fontconfig
#88 pango: Import and build upstream sources task major pango
#93 libtool: 2.4.6 uses nm instead of emxexp defect major libtool
#95 Can't install Perl defect major *none
#96 libtool: SYMBOL_UNDERSCORE is not defined defect major libtool
#98 libtool: support win32-dll LT_INIT option defect major dev tools libtool
#102 nspr: Update to version 4.12 dmik defect major nspr
#103 nss: Update to version 3.23 dmik task major nss
#104 ash/dash: Convert backslashes to forward slashes in PATH-like environment vars task major dash
#105 Update ca-certificates bundle task major *none
#106 libicu-legacy is not installable defect major *none
#108 gettext- breaks RPM rpm-4.13.0 defect major gettext
#109 Gettext defect major gettext
#110 autom4te defect major dev tools automake/autoconf
#111 ZIP file defect defect major openssl
#112 hplip-gui doesn't install defect major cups
#113 dash: nasm configure crashes defect major dash
#115 crash in djvu libraries diver defect major djvulibre
#116 md5sum: md5sum from coreutils-8.25-2.oc00.pentium4 cannot read its own .md5 files diver defect major coreutils
#118 updatedb from findutils-4.4.2-6.oc00.pentium4 has hardcoded (incorrect) paths and other issues defect major *none
#119 PSUtils port diver task major *none
#120 cpio: -m option always fails defect major *none
#121 locate fails with --statistics parameter defect major *none
#122 Better handling of non-Unix paths in findutils defect major *none
#127 hplip-gui has missing/incorrect requires defect major cups
#128 SeaMonkey won't run with new FontConfig defect major *none
#129 wget: fails with libcx 0.3.1 defect major *none
#135 Ncftp v3.2.6 defect major *none
#136 unzip 6.0 defect major *none
#140 SpliX: port request diver task major *none
#141 printing fails with "Unable to open listen socket for address" defect major cups
#144 whois: port request enhancement major *none
#146 git: pull --rebase does not work defect major git
#148 GSView printing does not work anymore defect major *none
#151 cups-filters: Fix symlinks to executables diver defect major cups
#153 nspr: Make code involving file names use kLIBC instead of Dos APIs enhancement major nspr
#155 create a rpm for the bjnp cups backend diver enhancement major cups
#156 autoconf: Make options with spaces supported in LDFLAGS etc. defect major automake/autoconf
#159 dash appears to mangle variable expansion in RPM scriptlets, etc. defect major dash
#162 git 2.11.0-2 fsck fails with fatal: mmap failed: Too many open files for large repositories. defect major git
#163 dash cd issue defect major dash
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