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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#219 YUM fails after update to Libcx 0.4.1 defect major yum
#242 Message when downloading poppler defect major rpm
#247 rpm: Add %download_sources macro task major rpm
#249 Can't install DrCtl defect major rpm
#253 Hunspell only available in experimental repository defect major rpm
#284 yum-debug and yum-debuginfo are at two different versions defect major rpm
#290 rpm-debug/devel/python were all at version 4.8.1-25 defect major rpm
#291 python-debug was at 2.7.6-12 defect major rpm
#298 CSTRINGIO.PYD cannot be loaded (dlopen rc=123) defect major python
#315 rpm-yum-bootstrap not working on OS/2 4.52 defect major rpm
#324 git-gui RPM does not install defect major rpm
#341 _datadir macro unsuitable for use with os2_langdir, os2_bookdir, os2_helpdir defect major rpm
#153 fonts spec defect minor spec files
#158 Build bootstrap WPI files for i686 and p4 arch task minor yum
#271 PREUN error in autoconf-2.69-4.oc00.noarch defect minor rpm
#316 ANPM cannot fetch odin-win32k Peter Moylan defect minor rpm
#159 Standardize debug package creation, part 3 enhancement Feedback Pending rpm
#250 Multiple RPM package updates fail with SIGSEGV in PYTHON.EXE defect Feedback Pending python
#266 Error in update LIBODIN to version 0.9.0 defect Feedback Pending other
#285 yum-plugin-changelog-1.1.31-3 could not be installed Silvan Scherrer defect Feedback Pending spec files
#297 YUM install of perl-Git package ends with error defect Feedback Pending yum
#312 Missing prerequisite for qt-doc defect Feedback Pending rpm
#317 'Get specific release' troubles.. defect Feedback Pending yum
#320 Yum crashes and trashes database defect Feedback Pending yum
#321 os2-rpm 1-3 symlink change renders some packages unable to install defect Feedback Pending spec files
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