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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#28 testticket defect blocker Beta general
#54 Clipboard-Problems defect minor general
#83 wps doesn't start after reboot after having installed odin defect major general
#88 Schlangengrube 1.2 - Snakepit - Does not mouse click to shot defect minor RC2 general
#89 OpenJDK 6 JRE (SMP Friendly) tries to use both cpus in my dualcore system defect Feedback Pending general
#94 Locale Issue defect major general
#100 File does not appear in File-Open-Dialog (FOD) defect major general
#102 Error on screen does not say where you can find the error task Feedback Pending general
#104 JAlbum doesn't start help or album with Firefox defect major GA general
#109 Exif-O-Matic version 1.2 doesn't work new defect blocker general
#115 JavaIO defect Feedback Pending general
#121 Problems with rendering of html content defect minor general
#125 JCad version 1.1 doesn't run on Java versions higher than 1.4.2 defect Feedback Pending general
#126 3DMatrix version 1.6 doesn't run on Java 1.6.0-b22 WSE defect Feedback Pending general
#135 Trac mail notification ticket task trivial general
#141 java6 prevents open ssh connections defect major Enhanced general
#145 java apps fail to display open file dialog defect major Enhanced general
#147 classpath limits enhancement minor Enhanced general
#150 Missing MSvcrt.dll from Odin defect major Enhanced general
#151 Multivalent requires GS fonts defect Feedback Pending Enhanced general
#152 Internet connection won't time out defect major Enhanced general
#154 Old Portscan 1.0 won't start defect Feedback Pending Enhanced general
#155 Association with java.exe or javaw.exe causes unexcpected troubles Batchheizer task Feedback Pending general
#163 openjdk6b24ga.wpi checks for warpin installed odin and won't install with yum/rpm installed odin defect major Enhanced general
#168 SmartCVS doesn't support OpenJDK enhancement minor Enhanced general
#172 Cannot start Java b25 GA3 defect major Enhanced general
#174 FREEMIND crash defect major Next general
#180 I'm unable to use IcedTea plugin defect major Enhanced general
#192 Problems with full screen display in theAwtToolkitWindow defect major Enhanced general
#207 Java 160b27GA5 defect major Enhanced general
#208 Error in loading Flash plugin defect major GA6 general
#216 INI file corruption after running Java app (JavaRDP) for extended period defect minor Enhanced general
#222 Indirect specification of Java parameter lists enhancement major Enhanced general
#234 re #212 defect major Enhanced general
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