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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#232 Missing QtCore exports defect blocker General
#235 Build process broken defect blocker General
#181 Create RPM installer task major General 4.6.2
#190 Update to Qt 4.7 task major General Unknown
#192 qt-lib-4_6_3-noxwpdep.wpi broken defect major General
#194 qt-dev-4_6_3.wpi sets wrong documentation path in qtsys.conf defect major General 4.6.2
#196 Qmake creates invalid "LIBS" entry in Makefile,xxxxx defect major qmake 4.6.3
#198 modal child widgets go to background defect major QtGui 4.6.3
#199 Piping lage amounts of data from/to a child process fails defect major QtCore 4.6.3
#204 Misplacing an embedded window of VLC defect major QtGui 4.6.3
#205 Porting of Qt Creator task major General 4.6.3
#206 QLibrary::load() may give invalid error string defect major QtCore 4.6.3
#211 Adjust QMAKESPEC_ORIGINAL defect major General 4.6.3
#212 UIC produces double carriage returns when using a pipe defect major Tools 4.6.3
#214 make process hangs when compiling .rc file defect major qmake 4.6.3
#216 Sytem menu icon missing defect major General 4.6.3
#218 Missing QFont::handle() body defect major QtGui 4.6.3
#220 QMake doesn't support shadow builds defect major qmake
#221 Add QtDeclarative defect major General
#222 Instantiating QApplication modifies floating point control word. defect major QtGui
#223 QDir::cleanPath() broken defect major QtCore
#225 qmake: Keep long names in import libraries enhancement major General 4.6.3
#228 qmake: Add .sym file generation enhancement major General 4.6.3
#229 Double quoting for RES file dependency defect major qmake
#231 Problem creating multiple QFilesystemWatchers defect major QtCore
#233 Wrong executable location for debug_and_release defect major qmake
#234 QtCreator's qmlpuppet doesn't get installed defect major General
#239 QFileSystemModel::setRootPath doesn't convert separators defect major QtGui
#242 Filter out ".." for root directories defect major General 4.6.3
#244 qmake generates incorrect QMAKESPECDIR defect major General 4.6.3
#245 qtdemo does not show example docs in assistant defect major General 4.6.3
#246 QML plugins cannot be loaded defect major General 4.6.3
#249 Qt Creator not painting it's main window interior defect major QtGui
#254 QDir::cleanPath not working correctly defect major QtCore
#197 Allow developers to build documentation enhancement minor Tools 4.6.3
#201 QSystemTrayIcon::setIcon(QIcon) ignored if QIcon is an empty icon defect minor xsystray 4.6.3
#203 Corruption of VLC window defect minor QtGui 4.6.3
#208 Avoid calling lxlite for pseudo target defect minor General 4.6.3
#219 Fix path separator when building qdoc3 defect minor General
#224 Sound support task minor QtCore 4.6.3
#230 Avoid quoting of make variables/macros defect minor qmake
#237 Provide standard icons in higher resolutions task minor QtGui
#248 Avoid Lxlite warning when building QMake defect minor General
#226 Make QMLViewer help output a window defect trivial General
#247 Minor readme corrections defect trivial General
#227 Debug verison of QMake used after bootstrap defect Feedback Pending General

Resolution: invalid (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#215 Use mouse button that is configured in OS/2 / eCS for drag and drop (right mouse button by default) defect minor General 4.6.3

Resolution: wontfix (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#202 Use System Tray instead of Extended System Tray enhancement Feedback Pending xsystray 4.6.3
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