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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#235 Lucide 1.3.4 Beta 2 will not start defect blocker Lucide Core
#34 crash with SYS3180, when started from root Eugene Romanenko defect major Lucide Core
#57 PDF Fill in forms Eugene Romanenko enhancement major Plugin: PDF
#102 Multi-Document support Eugene Romanenko enhancement major Lucide Core
#118 Won't open file with multiple dot's in filename Eugene Romanenko defect major Lucide Core
#138 Lucide 1.20 doesn't handle "subdocuments" Eugene Romanenko defect major 1.4.0 Lucide Core
#166 Cannot edit forms defect major Plugin: PDF
#221 Lucide 1.3.2 will not print a PDF file defect major 1.4.0 Plugin: PDF
#279 Implement or improve caching of PDF Gregg Young defect major 1.4.0 Plugin: PDF
#297 last night's poppler update seems to have damaged the pdf plugin defect major Backend
#36 Document window background Eugene Romanenko enhancement minor Lucide Core
#101 Lucide should recognize PDF files that have wrong or nonexistent extensions. Eugene Romanenko enhancement minor Beta 4 Lucide Core
#113 beta4 prints but not RC1 and 1.0 to network postscript priner Eugene Romanenko defect minor RC Plugin: PDF
#119 Possibility of filling PDF forms Eugene Romanenko enhancement minor RC Lucide Core
#125 lucide 1.0 does not display checkmarks in filled-in pdf documents Eugene Romanenko defect minor Lucide Core
#156 Printer margins reset when change printer "properties" (Lucide 1.2) Eugene Romanenko defect minor 1.3 Lucide Core
#282 Display a warning when the installed poppler lib is not at the required level to support the current PDF plugin enhancement minor 1.4.0 Plugin: PDF
#367 Find not working in some cases defect minor 1.4.1 Backend
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