wiki:Versions History

Wireless LAN Monitor v3.12 (12/02/2016)

  • Repacked with more verbose setlang.cmd - #31
  • Install script instexe.cmd now creates object for readme.txt

Wireless LAN Monitor v3.12 (19/09/2015)

  • Fixed scrolling of hotspot list when refreshing - #28

Wireless LAN Monitor v3.12 beta4 (12/09/2015)

  • Fixed crash when changing profiles or connection drops #30

Wireless LAN Monitor v3.12 beta3 (21/02/2015)

  • Unlock files during installation (fixed unlock.exe included)
  • Readme.txt und ifc2.cmd script added
  • Path info for wpa_supplicant is shown in property dialog now (#23)
  • Option to override lan interface number for dhclient (Genmac bug when fxwrap.sys and switch.os2 are installed)
  • 'wpa_supplicant reassociate' after connection drop (experimental feature)
  • Fixed - logging setting for dhclient not saved (#14)
  • Fixed various dialogs are made bigger to prevent text cropping with systems using big default fonts
  • Fixed wpa_supplicant starts now in wider window

Wireless LAN Monitor v3.12 beta2 (01/03/2014)

  • Fixed blocking xcenter/WPS caused by dhclient VIO window
  • New option for suppressing beeps from DHCP client and when connection is established
  • Enable write to log file for dhclient instead running in VIO window
  • instwgt.cmd now unlocks files before copying (new unlock.exe included)
  • Added dhclient.exe and dhconf.cmd (should be available in a future dhclient.rpm)

Wireless LAN Monitor v3.12 beta (09/02/2014)

  • Fixed empty connection list box when too many connections are available
  • Fixed crash when profile data are damaged
  • Fixed screwing up interfaces (lan9, lan8, lan7...)
  • Fixed crash when routes are copied from wired to wireless interface or vice versa

  • Fixed switching between wired and wireless interface. Should work reliable now
  • Uses ISC dhclient instead dhcpd. Install with 'yum install dhclient'. dhclient.exe must be somewhere in PATH.
  • Tested with wpa supplicant v2.0 from Paul Smedleys package As usual with xwlan wpa_supplicant.exe must reside in same directory as .dim modules. This is either directory of wlanstat.exe or in case of using the widget x:\XWorkplace\plugins\xcenter\xwlan\
  • dhclient.exe and wpa_supplicant.exe are checked and versions are displayed in properties dialog

Wireless LAN Monitor v3.11 (limited user group)

  • modified code to not check for a TCP/IP address range conflict, while the TCP/IP interface of the Wireless LAN device is set to a LLA compliant address (169.254/16)
  • added mouse actions for opening the properties notebook, the scan or the profile dialog.
  • added mouse properties, determining the mouse actions for double-click events when Shift-, Ctrl- or Alt-Key is pressed
  • added new global and profile properties for configuration of the DHCP client
  • fixed error in GenMac? module preventing from using WPA encryption with certain drivers
  • added new Autostart page for the connection profile
  • fixed bug that took a lot of time to add the router name to long host files
  • and a lot of help files updates

Wireless LAN Monitor V3.10 (26/01/2008)

  • Implementing minor new GUI features as well as several bugfixes. An important bugfix has been done for the WPA supplicant, avoding problems on (re)connectiong to an access point when WPA(2) encryption is used.

Wireless LAN Monitor V3.00 (15/11/2006)

  • This version of the Wireless LAN Monitor implements WPA/WPA2 encryption and some bugfixes. Please see the revision history included. For WPA encryption the Generic MAC Wrapper Driver (GenMac) V2.00 is required.

Wireless LAN Monitor V2.14 (25/05/2006)

  • This version of the Wireless LAN Monitor implements support for swedish language, a sizeable scan dialog and a new radio property. A new script allows to force the Wireless LAN Monitor to use one of the supported languages, if the language of the operating system is either not yet suported or not suitable. Please see the revision history included.

Wireless LAN Monitor V2.13 (09/04/2006)

  • This version of the Wireless LAN Monitor implements some bug fixes. New is the support for the MPTS configuration hack of the installation program of Injoy Firewall, breaking the normal configuration scheme of PROTOCOL.INI and preventing until now XWLAN from determining the TC/IP interface of the WLAN device. Please see the revision history included.
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