May 26, 2017: Today

6:07 PM Ticket #43 (Add ability to read specified configuration file for supplicant) created by lewisr
Currently, the supplicant is not passed the parameter to find and read …
6:02 PM Ticket #42 (Supplicant does not renegotiate handshake often enough) created by lewisr
(Perhaps the summary could use some improvement.) Symptom is this: …

May 20, 2017:

2:37 PM Ticket #41 (ifc2.cmd is source of constant disk access) created by andib
T42 disk light (SSD!) blinks about every second

Apr 22, 2017:

11:19 PM Ticket #40 (Typo in English message string for IDT_IDSTR_IPCONFLICT) created by lewisr
I would commit this myself, but I don't think I have privs. :-( …

Apr 14, 2017:

7:07 PM WikiStart edited by martini
6:54 PM WikiStart edited by martini
6:35 PM XWLAN/WLAN News Archive created by martini
6:35 PM WikiStart edited by martini

Apr 10, 2017:

8:10 PM Ticket #39 (Connection to some hotspots does not work) created by andib
With my Thinkpad - […] I can not connect to a wpa protected …
8:04 PM Ticket #38 (Automatically create profile for public hotspots when no matching ...) created by andib
In 'Scan for hotspots' all hotspots are displayed. But you can only …
7:51 PM Ticket #37 (Trap in wlanstat) created by andib
[…] Steps to reproduce - - start WLANSTAT with some profile …
7:44 PM Ticket #36 (Allow searching for networks even wenn WLAN is disabled) created by andib
Menu entry is disabled when WLAN is not activated. More user friendly …
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