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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3 Trap 000e on shutdown - UPDATED AGAIN anonymous defect high UNIAUD32
#142 unimix Documentation Lewis Rosenthal task high Stabilization Documentation
#170 No sound from Uniaud 14RC7, Yamaha YMF754 David Azarewicz defect high UNIAUD32
#12 1.1.4rc1 installed on IBM T23 works, but machine will not boot when in docking station anonymous defect normal Stabilization UNIAUD-API
#29 UniAud 1.1.4RC1 with onboard AD1986A Codec sound card vladest defect normal UNIAUD-API
#32 not sound vladest defect normal UNIAUD-API
#34 not sound vladest defect normal Mixer
#40 Master volume jumps to 100% vladest defect normal UNIAUD-API
#72 Function "typeof" used in Alsa code doesn't exist in Watcom task normal AlsaResync Building
#94 apparent IRQ conflict Steve Wendt defect normal Building
#208 eCS 2.1 hangs with /SMP /APIC defect normal ALSA Hardware Compatibility UNIAUD32
#9 won't play midi songs enhancement lowest MMPM/2 Compatibility UNIAUD16
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