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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#166 coexisting packages / legacy packages task critical spec files
#329 libc spec defect critical spec files
#18 Provide CUBE replacement Yuri Dario task major rpm
#79 False (?) error message for watcom-wrc defect major rpm
#102 yum update failed on updating RPM defect major rpm
#108 Need to change architecture to install libgcc1 defect major rpm
#202 Package wipfc as additional Watcom tool enhancement major spec files
#258 Build an updated QtNet4.dll package enhancement major rpm
#268 Package updating always fails with error message defect major rpm
#272 unable to install openssh defect major rpm
#293 Cannot install libqt4- defect major rpm
#294 Error when installing os2tk45-headers-4.5.2-6 defect major rpm
#295 Error when installing os2tk45-ipfc-4.5.2-6 defect major rpm
#296 Error when installing autoconf-2.69-5 defect major rpm
#305 Open SSH Server install fail defect major rpm
#309 Broken openssh-clients package? defect major other
#334 Scanner support via hplip? defect major rpm
#343 createrepo 0.4.9 on large repository gets msg GLib-WARNING **: GError set over the top of a previous GError or uninitialized mem defect major rpm
#98 Unable to specify log location outside of %unixroot defect minor yum
#192 bzip2-1.0.6-5 install fails for pentium4, i686, and i386 defect minor rpm
#270 Uninstalling Firefox does not remove WPS object(s) defect Feedback Pending spec files
#313 Issues with IBM OS/2 DEVELOPER'S TOOLKIT task Feedback Pending other
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