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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#25 Appearence improvements new eros2 enhancement minor
#149 WPS-Integration: Enable RMB-Print for PDF-Files new eros2 enhancement major
#170 Mouseproblem in fullscreen-mode (xPager) new defect major
#202 Comic book support new enhancement minor
#218 Poor printing quality new defect major
#229 Unsupported document new enhancement Feedback Pending
#240 Fehler beim Schreiben der Datei new defect minor
#242 Lucide does not print on laser printer automatic new enhancement Feedback Pending
#245 Cannot open embedded pdf new enhancement Feedback Pending
#12 Add help-pages new eros2 enhancement major 2.0 and further
#22 Open files in read mode and re-read the file after it has been changed new eros2 enhancement trivial 2.0 and further
#44 Index.html handing off to Index.djvu new eros2 enhancement major 2.0 and further
#104 Plugin for viewing SVG files new eros2 enhancement major 2.0 and further
#121 Redrawing pages only when file has changed new eros2 enhancement minor 2.0 and further
#168 add: "fit to page" new enhancement major 2.0 and further
#173 Lucide 1.30 and filling forms new defect major 2.0 and further
#247 Current working directory is shared across running instances new defect Feedback Pending 2.0 and further
#42 Error reporting for plugin rendering API new eros2 enhancement major 1.4
#87 Even/Odd Printing new eros2 enhancement major 1.4
#120 Reverse-order printing new eros2 enhancement minor 1.4
#187 More extensions for Lucide program object new enhancement trivial 1.4
#220 Just printing the first page new defect Feedback Pending 1.4
#238 Will only save the first time entries are made into form document. new defect major 1.4
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