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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#140 Allow plugin configuration via GUI reopened eros2 enhancement major
#298 Make progress meter more useful new enhancement trivial
#22 Open files in read mode and re-read the file after it has been changed new enhancement minor Future
#42 Error reporting for plugin rendering API new enhancement major Future
#44 Index.html handing off to Index.djvu new enhancement major Future
#104 SVG plugin new enhancement minor Future
#121 Redrawing pages only when file has changed new enhancement minor Future
#149 WPS-Integration: Enable RMB-Print for PDF-Files new enhancement major Future
#168 add: "fit to page" new enhancement major Future
#173 Cannot handle scripted PDF forms (dropdowns, etc.) new enhancement minor Future
#202 Comic book support new enhancement minor Future
#236 Cannot advance to next image (Shift-PgDn) when viewing document when multiple plugins handle same type new defect Feedback Pending Future
#242 Print as image produces no output reopened lewisr defect Feedback Pending Future
#256 Add view thumbnails as option for navigation pane new enhancement minor Future
#257 Add tabbed viewing new enhancement minor Future
#258 Add selectable print ranges new enhancement minor Future
#259 Enhance print layout options new enhancement minor Future
#260 PCL plugin new enhancement minor Future
#261 XPS plugin new enhancement minor Future
#262 PS plugin new enhancement minor Future
#319 Explore helptable logic to improve context sensitivity new task minor Future
#326 Visio plugin new enhancement minor Future
#330 Sugestion, Save as and delete original new roberto enhancement Feedback Pending Future
#331 Inability to load PDF plugin leads to inability to start Lucide new defect minor Future
#181 Allow Save As to save to the same file reopened enhancement minor 1.4.0
#187 More extensions for Lucide program object new enhancement trivial 1.4.0
#238 Will only save the first time entries are made into form document. new defect Feedback Pending 1.4.0
#265 Page content not always in sync with page indicators (lag when changing pages) new defect minor 1.4.0
#313 Need to disable keyboard accelerators Shift-Home and Shift-End when focus is in a toolbar input field new defect major 1.4.0
#335 Reverse mapping of PgUp/PgDn when focus is in page number field of toolbar new defect minor 1.4.0
#336 Updated Czech translation for 1.4.0 RC4 (plus corrections of the English readme) new enhancement minor 1.4.0
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