Nov 8, 2008:

5:57 PM Ticket #70 (swat does not work) created by Jirka
Hello, I' using apache 2.2.10 and samba 3.0.28a. Apache runs …

Oct 29, 2008:

7:57 AM Ticket #69 (samba-server as PDC - 100% CPU load ~every 1-2 day) created by digi
PDC, about 100 users 100% CPU load every 1-2 day with smbd.exe …

Oct 13, 2008:

3:41 PM Ticket #11 (100% cpu usage) closed by herwigb
worksforme: This error is gone, at least with Samba 3.0.32 it is not reproducible …

Sep 30, 2008:

7:14 AM Changeset [158] by psmedley
Update source to 3.0.32
5:10 AM Ticket #68 (sequence 0xA9 0x20 characters in file's/folder's names on samba's shares) created by digi
Users can't open/create files and folders with sequence of two symbols …

Sep 25, 2008:

4:30 PM Changeset [157] by ydario
Don't forget to initialize pointers, saves from crashes :-)

Sep 16, 2008:

5:02 PM FAQ edited by herwigb
Update some questions, remove some typos (diff)

Sep 11, 2008:

4:28 PM Cookbook edited by diver
more changes (diff)
4:20 PM WikiStart edited by diver
4:17 PM Cookbook edited by diver
enhanced (diff)
4:08 PM WikiStart edited by diver
enhancing the cookbook (diff)

Aug 29, 2008:

10:36 AM Ticket #60 (Office XP) closed by diver
fixed: after some more tests, also from Herwig, the bug is fixed

Aug 27, 2008:

11:38 AM Ticket #67 (simplify client dialog for netdrive) created by diver
spilt the dialog in 2 parts. - part 1 server-share-user-pwd - part 2 …
8:41 AM Cookbook edited by herwigb
Add note about TMPDIR variable, correct various outdated information. (diff)

Aug 24, 2008:

10:12 PM Ticket #66 (Plugin does not change level (workgroup,server,share)) created by ydario
When you change level for browsing, the plugin does not recognize …

Aug 23, 2008:

3:13 PM WikiStart edited by herwigb
Add 1.5 client link, link to roadmap (diff)

Aug 22, 2008:

5:45 PM WikiStart edited by herwigb
Changed links to new Version 1.0 (diff)
4:36 PM CompleteScriptList edited by herwigb
Added note about groupmod.cmd (diff)
12:12 PM WikiStart edited by herwigb
Add scripts and tools note to WPI (diff)
12:09 PM CompleteScriptList edited by herwigb
Change usermod link (diff)
10:27 AM Ticket #65 (Herwig's utilities) created by diver
it would make sense to add Herwig's utilities to the svn and deliver …

Aug 21, 2008:

4:00 PM Milestone Netdrive plugin 1.5 alpha 1 completed
3:43 PM Milestone Samba Server for eCS (OS/2) 1.0 completed
ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/samba/server/samba-1_0.zip ---- Working …
3:37 PM WikiStart edited by herwigb
Notice about new versioning scheme (diff)
12:26 PM Ticket #52 (smbcd crash after accessing a file for a long time) closed by ydario
wontfix: It does no longer apply to 1.5 tree.
12:20 PM Ticket #62 (Integrate samba client library directly into plugin code) closed by ydario
completed: (changeset:146) (changeset:147) Task completed and updated build …
12:17 PM Changeset [156] by ydario
Tagged client code 1.5 alpha 1
12:15 PM Changeset [155] by ydario
Client version update.
10:39 AM Changeset [154] by ydario
If a pending time is stored, do not change also the file. Fixes ticket:60.
10:36 AM Changeset [153] by ydario
Cleanup of temporary files on trunk.
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