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Samba Server for eComStation & OS/2 scripts and external commands

This list shows all scripts supported by current Samba 3.0.xx implementations and their status on eComStation & OS/2.

Share related scripts and commmandsStatussharescripts-*.zip
add share command (G) Completed
delete share command (G) Completed
change share command (G) Completed
get quota command (G) Missing
set quota command (G) Missing
dfree command (S) Missing
Printer related scripts and commandsStatussmbprint-*.zip
print commandsmbprint.exe, work in progress, usable
add port command (G) Missing
add printer command (G) Missing
delete printer command (G) Missing
enumports command (G) Completedenumports-*.zip
lppause command (S) Missing
lpq command (S) Does not work (Samba limitation!)
lpresume command (S) Missing
lprm command (S) Does not work (Samba limitation!)
queuepause command (S) Missing
queueresume command (S) Missing
User related scripts and commandsStatussmbusers-*.zip
add machine script (G) Completed, now usermod Ver. 2.0
add user script (G) Completed, now usermod Ver. 2.0
check password script (G) Missing
delete user script (G) Completed, now usermod Ver. 2.0
rename user script (G) Completed, now usermod Ver. 2.0
username map script (G) Missing
Group related scripts and commandsStatusgroup-*.zip
add group script (G) Completed
delete group script (G) Completed
set primary group script (G) Completed
add user to group script (G) Completed
delete user from group script (G) Completed
Other scripts and commands:
message command (G) Experimental
abort shutdown script (G) Missing
logon script (G) Arbitrary content, works
magic script (S) Missing
shutdown script (G) Missing

(G) = global script
(S) = per share script