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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#145 Can't checkout SVN anymore defect blocker Qt Enhanced General
#83 QWidget::create() defect critical Qt GA QtGui
#16 Port all remaining classes task major Qt Enhanced General
#106 Crash in PMMERGE defect major Qt Beta 5 QtGui
#148 Assistant doesn't work anymore defect major Qt 4.6.2 Tools
#182 Arora page loading performance defect major Qt Enhanced General
#207 omit linking produces make error defect major Qt Enhanced qmake
#210 Re-release 4.6.3 with SSL patch included defect major Qt Enhanced QtNetwork
#266 waitForFinished() doesn't work defect major Qt 5 General
#273 Error when building Tea defect major Qt Enhanced General
#281 QT Creator refuse to start defect major Qt 4.7.3 GA2 General
#295 More and more newer qt4 applications do not work defect major Qt Enhanced General
#302 qmake no longer works after yum update defect major Qt Enhanced qmake
#209 xCenter widget and "Always on top" defect minor Qt Enhanced QtGui
#215 Use mouse button that is configured in OS/2 / eCS for drag and drop (right mouse button by default) defect minor Qt 4.7 General
#259 Entry in qmake created *.pro causes Warning defect trivial Qt Enhanced qmake
#269 Missing files with YUM task trivial Qt Enhanced rpm package
#260 Garbage in /usr/share/man task Feedback Pending Qt Enhanced rpm package
#268 file selection doesn't always work defect Feedback Pending Qt Enhanced General
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