Unix Ports and more

This is the home of all known Unix ports and also for other ports. The reason we did that is, because is't almost not possible to keep track of the different pages where people provide ports.


Every port has to be listed at the available ports section below. If the port isn't available as rpm, then at a separate page it should be explained how to patch and build. See explain for how such a page should look like. Every checkin or change to the wiki needs a comment. In the comment the port needs to be included like: "portxy: some comment about what was changed".


Setting up a build env

To start building unix ports please use only rpm available tools and libs. As else it will be very hard to set up a decent build env.
See RPM wiki for more information.

Available ports

ProjectVersionLast updateDescriptionRPM availableRemarks
apr1.4.5Mar 02 2012Apache Portable Runtime libraryY
apr-util1.4.1Mar 02 2012Apache Portable Runtime Utility libraryY
ash0.0.1Apr 06 2015A smaller version of the Bourne shell (sh)Y
aspell0.60.6.1Feb 12 2015 A spelling checkerY
autoconf2.13May 22 2014A GNU tool for automatically configuring source codeYRPM name: autoconf213
autoconf2.69Oct 19 2016A GNU tool for automatically configuring source codeY
automake1.14.1Feb 05 2014A GNU tool for automatically creating MakefilesY
bc1.06Mar 17 2016GNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator)Y
bdb4.8.30Jan 09 2012Berkley DBN
bind9.8.1Jan 30 2012The Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) DNS (Domain Name System) serverY
binutils2.27Feb 6 2017A GNU collection of binary utilitiesY
bison3.0.4Jun 27 2016A GNU general-purpose parser generatorY
Boost1.57.0Jun 26 2015Boost C++ LibrariesN
bzip21.0.6Jun 22 2016A file compression utilityY
cairo1.12.18Jun 18 2016A 2D graphics libraryY
check0.11.0Apr 12 2017A unit test framework for CY
clamav0.99.2Nov 29 2016End-user tools for the Clam Antivirus scannerY
cmake3.7.0Jan 27 2017A tool to control the software compilation processY
coreutils8.26Jan 27 2017A set of basic GNU tools commonly used in shell scriptsY
cpio2.12Feb 03 2017A GNU archiving programY
cups2.1.3May 12 2016CUPSY
cups-filters1.13.3Feb 14 2017OpenPrinting CUPS filters and backendsY
curl7.37.0Sep 04 2014A utility for getting files from remote servers (FTP, HTTP, and others)Y
dash0.5.9.1Nov 18 2016Small and fast POSIX-compliant shellY
dhcp3.1-ESV-R3Apr 13 2014Dynamic host configuration protocol softwareY
diffutils3.2.0May 23 2014A GNU collection of diff utilitiesY
djvulibre3.5.27Sep 08 2016DjVu viewers, encoders, and utilitiesY
dos2unix7.3.4Feb 12 2017Text file format convertersY
doxygen1.8.13Jan 27 2017De facto standard tool for generating documentation from annotated C++ sourcesY
ffmpeg2.8.6Apr 18 2016FFmpeg is the leading multimedia frameworkY
expat2.1.0Sep 08 2014An XML parser libraryY
file5.3.0Mar 17 2017A utility for determining file typesY
findutils4.6.0Oct 04 2016The GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs)Y
flex2.5.35Feb 20 2012A tool for creating scanners (text pattern recognizers)Y
fontconfig2.11.94Dec 14 2015(special os2 version [based on fontconfig and mozfntcfg], considered obsolete now)Y
fontconfig2.12.1Oct 25 2016Font configuration and customization libraryY
freetype2.7.1Mar 16 2017A free and portable font rendering engineY
gawk4.0.0Nov 10 2012The GNU version of the awk text processing utilityY
gettext0.19.8.1Jun 30 2016GNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messagesY
ghostscript9.18Apr 08 2016A PostScript interpreter and rendererY
git2.11.0Dec 06 2016Fast Version Control SystemY
glib2.33.12Jul 05 2016A Library with Convenient Functions Written in CY
gmp5.0.2Jan 07 2012A GNU arbitrary precision libraryY
gnupg1.4.8Dec 30 2011The GNU Privacy GuardN
grep2.28Feb 08 2017Pattern matching utilitiesY
gsoap2.8.29Nov 18 2015Generator Tools for Coding SOAP/XML Web Services in C and C++Y
gutenprint5.2.12May 13 2016Printer Drivers PackageY
gzip1.4Feb 02 2012The GNU data compression programY
help2man1.46.4Feb 13 2015help2manY
hermes1.6Apr 22 2011An anti-spam SMTP proxyY
hplip3.16.11Jun 13 2016HP Linux Imaging and Printing ProjectY
hunspell1.6.1Apr 7 2017A spell checker and morphological analyzer libraryY
icu56.1Mar 15 2016International Components for UnicodeY
intltool0.41.1Apr 21 2011Utility for internationalizing various kinds of data filesY
Jhead3.0.0Jan 16 2017Jhead is a command line program for manipulating the non-image parts of ExifY
json-c0.10Dec 29 2012A JSON implementation in CY
kbuild0.1.9998Dec 17 2015kBuild is a GNU Make fork with a set of scripts to simplify complex build tasksY
klusrmgr1.1.2Jun 08 2017kLIBC User ManagementY
lcms22.8Mar 16 2016Color Management EngineY
less4.81Oct 21 2016A text file browser similar to more, but betterY
libaio2.15Mar 10 2016Port of Asynchronous I/O support from glibcY
libffi3.0.11Oct 27 2012A portable foreign function interface libraryY
libidl0.8.14Jun 22 2016IDL Parsing LibraryY
libidn1.33Nov 16 2016IDNA text processingY
libjpeg8.0.4 (8d)Sep 21 2016A library for manipulating JPEG image format filesY
libjpeg-turbo1.5.1May 12 2017libjpeg-turbo includes two APIs that can be used to compress and decompress JPEG imagesY
libkai1.2.0Jan 28 2016Audio Interface is a frontend library that simplifies access to OS/2 audio hardwareY
libmikmod3.3.8Mar 16 2016sound library for module filesY
libogg1.3.2Mar 15 2016Libogg is a library for manipulating ogg bitstreamsY
libpaper1.1.24Oct 11 2016Library and tools for handling papersizeY
libpipeline1.4.1Apr 03 2017libpipeline is a C library for setting up and running pipelines of processesY
libpng1.6.28Feb 06 2017A library of functions for manipulating PNG image format filesY
libpsl0.17.0Mar 13 2017C Library for the Public Suffix ListY
libqpdf6.0.0Feb 19 2016Command-line tools and library for transforming PDF filesY
libspectre0.2.8Sep 06 2016A library for rendering PostScript(TM) documentsY
libsdl1.2.15Jun 30 2016A cross-platform multimedia libraryYRPM name SDL
libspf21.2.9Apr 11 2011An implementation of the SPF specificationY
libtiff4.0.7Feb 06 2017Library of functions for manipulating TIFF format image filesY
libtool2.4.6Feb 02 2016The GNU Portable Library ToolY
libusb11.0.21Dec 12 2016This package provides a way for applications to access USB devicesY
libtorrent1.0.2Oct 13 2014C++ library implementing BitTorrent protocolN
libvncserver/libvncclient0.9.10Mar 07 2016A library to make writing a vnc server easyY
libvorbis1.3.5Mar 15 2016Ogg Vorbis is a fully open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-freeY
libvpx1.6.1Feb 02 2017VP8 Video Codec SDKY
lzo2.09Sep 22 2016Data compression library with very fast (de)compressionY
libxml22.9.4Nov 11 2016Library providing XML and HTML supportY
libxslt1.1.29Nov 11 2016Library providing the Gnome XSLT engineY
lua5.3.4Mar 13 2017Powerful light-weight programming languageY
m41.4.17Sep 03 2014The GNU macro processorY
mercurial2.5.2Apr 09 2014A fast, lightweight distributed source control management systemY
mmap2:0.5.1Apr 21 2014Memory mapped file emulation library for OS/2 (obsolete use libcx instead)Y
mpc1.0.1Aug 05 2014MPC multiple-precision complex shared libraryY
nasm2.11.8Dec 29 2015A portable x86 assembler which uses Intel-like syntaxY
ncurses5.9Jan 14 2017Ncurses support utilitiesY
NcFTP3.2.6Jan 14 2017A free set of programms that use the File Transfer ProtocolY
neon0.30.0Sep 23 2014An HTTP and WebDAV client libraryY
nspr4.12.0Mar 25 2016Netscape Portable RuntimeY
nss3.23.0Apr 15 2016Network Security ServicesY
oauth1.0.0Dec 28 2012OAuth library functionsYRPM name liboauth
openssh5.9p1Sep 12 2011An open source implementation of SSH protocol versions 1 and 2Y
openssl1.0.2kMar 01 2017A general purpose cryptography library with TLS implementationY
os2tk454.5.2Jan 27 2016IBM OS/2 Developer's ToolkitY
openvpn2.1.3Sep 20 2010An application to securely tunnel IP networksN
pango1.28.4Jun 18 2016System for layout and rendering of internationalized textY
patch2.6.1May 22 2014Utility for modifying/upgrading filesY
pcre8.12Feb 23 2011Perl-compatible regular expression libraryY
perl5.16.1Mar 11 2016Practical Extraction and Report LanguageY
pkgconfig0.29.1Jun 18 2016A tool for determining compilation optionsY
pixman0.32.8Mar 01 2016Pixman is a pixel manipulation library for X and CairoY
po4a0.51May 05 2017A tool maintaining translations anywhereY
poppler0.52.0Feb 17 2017PDF rendering libraryY
popt1.15Dec 08 2015C library for parsing command line parametersY
psutils1.23Oct 11 2016PostScript UtilitiesY
pthread20151229Dec 29 2015A posix pthread emulation for OS/2-eComStationY
python2.7.6Jun 03 2017An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming languageY
PyQt44.11.4Jul 01 2016Python bindings for Qt4Y
qpdf6.0.0Feb 19 2016Command-line tools and library for transforming PDF filesY
qpdfview0.4.17Mar 20 2017qpdfview is a tabbed PDF viewerY
readline6.1Jan 16 2012A library for editing typed command linesY
rpm4.13.0Dec 08 2015The RPM package management systemY
rsync3.0.9Oct 14 2011A program for synchronizing files over a networkY
rxcrypt1.0.0Feb 25 2017This Rexx DLL provides a crypt APIY
rxu1.a.0Feb 05 2017Rich set of Rexx functions which expose most of the OS/2 API set to Rexx programsY
s3cmd1.6.1May 10 2017Command line tool for managing Amazon S3 and CloudFront? servicesY
sed4.2.1Jan 08 2012A GNU stream text editorY
serf1.2.1Feb 20 2014A high-performance asynchronous HTTP client libraryY
sip4.18Jun 14 2016SIP - Python/C++ Bindings GeneratorY
splix2.0.0Feb 12 2017Driver for QPDL/SPL2 printers (Samsung and several Xerox printers)Y
sqlite3.7.2Jan 16 2012Library that implements an embeddable SQL database engineY
subversion1.6.16Okt 05 2011Subversion, known as svn, is a concurrent version control systemY
tar1.2.3Feb 02 2012A GNU file archiving programY
tcl8.5.9Jun 14 2016Tool Command Language, pronounced tickleY
texinfo5.2Feb 17 2015Tools needed to create Texinfo format documentation filesY
tig2.2.1Apr 10 2017Text-mode interface for the git revision control systemY
uclip0.3.0Mar 17 2016UClip, enhanced OS/2 clipboard supportY
unzip6.0Mar 29 2013A utility for unpacking zip filesY
urlgrabber3.10.1Feb 28 2015A high-level cross-protocol url-grabberY
urpo20160630Jun 30 2016Unlink Rename Pending Operation libraryY
watcom2.0beta1Jun 20 2014Watcom Compiler tools for gccY
wcd5.3.3Oct 30 2016Chdir for DOS and UnixY
wget1.18Nov 14 2016A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP ptotocolsY
which1.0Jun 04 2014Summary: Locate a program file in the user's pathsY
whois5.2.16Jun 15 2017Searches for an object in a RFC 3912 database.Y
wpa_supplicant2.2Feb 17 2015WPA suppclientN
xz5.2.3Feb 14 2017A Program for Compressing FilesY
yum3.4.3Jun 05 2017RPM installer/updaterY
yum-metadata-parser1.1.4Jun 18 2016A fast metadata parser for yumY
yum-utils1.1.31Jun 13 2016Utilities based around the yum package managerY
yum-plugin-replace0.2.7Feb 24 2017Package Replacement Plugin for YumY
zip3.0Jul 24 2013A file compression and packaging utility compatible with PKZIPY
zlib1.2.11Jan 24 2017The compression and decompression libraryY

Reporting Bugs

Reporting bugs and requesting new features is done through the ticket system. You can view existing tickets, add comments to them and create new tickets using the corresponding buttons at the top of every page. If you want to submit a new bug or request a feature, please use the Search function first to make sure there is no ticket for this task already created.
We review the tickets regulary and leave comments if we need more info. So please revisit the Feedback analysis as often as possible. If we leave comment and don't get feedback from the ticket creator, we will close the ticket after some weeks.

Anonymous access to the ticket system has been restricted due to multiple attacks of stupid spammers we've been suffering from during the last month. In order to create a new ticket or comment the existing one, you need to login with your Netlabs login id. If you do not have a login id, you can request one at We are sorry for inconvenience, but at the present time this is the only way to avoid extremely annoying spam.


(in alphabetical order)

  • Dmitriy Kuminov
  • Elbert Pol
  • Herwig Bauernfeind
  • KO Myung-Hun
  • Paul Smedley
  • Silvan Scherrer
  • Valery V. Sedletski
  • Yuri Dario
  • (hosting & support)
  • all the companies and developers from where we ported


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