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There are currently 247 packages in this list.

apr-util1.4.1-1apache portable runtime utility libraryLink[-]
apr1.4.5-1apache portable runtime libraryLink[-]
ash0.0.1-1a smaller version of the bourne shell (sh).[- Link][-]
aspell-de20030222-1german dictionaries for aspellLink[-]
aspell-en7.1-1english dictionaries for aspellLink[-]
aspell-es1.11-1spanish dictionaries for aspellLink[-]
aspell-fr0.50-1french dictionaries for aspellLink[-]
aspell-it2.2_20050523-1italian dictionaries for aspellLink[-]
aspell-nl0.50-1dutch dictionaries for aspellLink[-]
aspell-ru0.99f7-1russian dictionaries for aspellLink[-]
aspell0.60.6.1-1a spelling checkerLink[-]
autoconf2.69-5a gnu tool for automatically configuring source codeLinksvn
autoconf2132.13-2a gnu tool for automatically configuring source codeLink[-]
automake1.14.1-3a gnu tool for automatically creating makefilesLink[-]
bash3.2.0-8the gnu bourne again shell[- Link][-]
bc1.06-1gnu's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator)Link[-]
bind9.8.1-1the berkeley internet name domain (bind) dns (domain name system) serverLink[-]
binutils2.27-2a gnu collection of binary utilitiesLinksvn
bison3.0.4-1a gnu general-purpose parser generatorLink[-]
bww-resources-rpm1.0.2-1bitwiseworks icons and foldersLink[-]
bwwres1.0.0-5bitwiseworks icons and foldersLink[-]
bzip21.0.6-6a file compression utilityLink[-]
ca-certificates2016.06-1the mozilla ca root certificate bundleLink[-]
cairo1.12.18-3a 2d graphics libraryLink[-]
check0.11.0-2a unit test framework for cLinkgithub
clamav0.99.2-2end-user tools for the clam antivirus scannerLink[-]
cmake3.7.0-2cross-platform make systemLink[-]
coreutils8.26-2a set of basic gnu tools commonly used in shell scriptsLinksvn
courier-authlib0.63.0-0courier authentication libraryLink[-]
courier-imap4.8.1-0an imap and pop3 server for maildir mtasLink[-]
cpio2.12-1a gnu archiving programLink[-]
createrepo0.4.11-2creates a common metadata repositoryLink[-]
cron21.4.2-0.0daemon to execute scheduled commands[- Link][-]
cube2.6-5rexx procedure used to modify a config.sys-like ascii fileLink[-]
cups-filters1.13.3-2openprinting cups filters and backendsLinksvn
curl7.37.0-2a utility for getting files from remote servers (ftp, http, and others)Link[-]
dash0.5.9.1-1small and fast posix-compliant shellLink[-]
db44.8.30-8the berkeley db database library (version 4) for cLink[-]
dhcp3.1-3dynamic host configuration protocol softwareLink[-]
diffutils3.2-3a gnu collection of diff utilitiesLink[-]
djvulibre3.5.27-3djvu viewers, encoders, and utilitiesLink[-]
docbook-dtds1.0-1sgml and xml document type definitions for docbookLink[-]
docbook-style-xsl1.79.2-1norman walsh's xsl stylesheets for docbook xmlLink[-]
dos2unix7.3.4-1text file format convertersLinksvn
doxygen1.8.13-2a documentation system for c/c++Link[-]
drctl0.1.7-2user controls for drdialogLink[-]
emxrt0.9d-5emx runtime[- Link][-]
exceptq7.11.3-1exceptq creates a debugging report.[- Link][-]
exim4.73-0.4the exim mail transfer agentLink[-]
expat2.1.0-13an xml parser libraryLinksvn
ffmpeg2.8.6-2digital vcr and streaming serverLink[-]
file5.30-2a utility for determining file typesLinksvn
findutils4.6.0-2the gnu versions of find utilities (find and xargs)Link[-]
flex2.5.35-2a tool for creating scanners (text pattern recognizers)Link[-]
fontconfig-legacy2.11.94-1font configuration and customization libraryLink[-]
fontconfig2.12.4-1font configuration and customization libraryLinksvn
freetype2.8.0-1a free and portable font rendering engineLinksvn
gawk4.0.0-2the gnu version of the awk text processing utilityLink[-]
gcc3.3.5-6various compilers (c, c++, objective-c, java, ...)Link[-]
gcc4.9.2.1-3various compilers (c, c++, objective-c, java, ...)Link[-]
gettext0.19.8.1-3gnu libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messagesLink[-]
ghostscript-fonts6.0-1fonts for the ghostscript postscript interpreterLink[-]
ghostscript9.18-5a postscript interpreter and rendererLink[-]
git2.11.0-2fast version control systemLinksvn
glib22.33.12-2a library with convenient functions written in cLink[-]
gmp5.0.2-2a gnu arbitrary precision libraryLink[-]
grep2.28-1pattern matching utilitiesLinksvn
gsoap2.8.29-1generator tools for coding soap/xml web services in c and c++Link[-]
gutenprint5.2.12-1printer drivers packageLinksvn
gzip1.8-1the gnu data compression programLinkgithub
help2man1.46.4-2create simple man pages from --help outputLink[-]
hermes1.6-4an anti-spam smtp proxyLink[-]
hplip3.16.11-1hp linux imaging and printing projectLinksvn
hunspell-de0.20160407-1german hunspell dictionariesLink[-]
hunspell-en0.20140811.1-1english hunspell dictionariesLink[-]
hunspell-es0.7-1spanish hunspell dictionariesLink[-]
hunspell-fr6.0.2-1french hunspell dictionariesLink[-]
hunspell-it2.4-0.1italian hunspell dictionariesLink[-]
hunspell-nl2.10-1dutch hunspell dictionariesLink[-]
hunspell-ru0.99g5-1russian hunspell dictionariesLink[-]
hunspell1.6.1-2a spell checker and morphological analyzer libraryLinkgithub
icu4.2.1-2international components for unicodeLink[-]
icu56.1-1international components for unicodeLink[-]
instfont1.0.0-1install fontLink[-]
intltool0.41.1-3utility for internationalizing various kinds of data filesLink[-]
jhead3.00-1tool for displaying exif data embedded in jpeg imagesLink[-]
json-c0.10-2a json implementation in cLink[-]
kbuild0.1.9998-9framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasksLinkgithub
klibcum1.0.10-1klibc user managementLink[-]
klusrmgr1.1.2-1klibc user managementLink[-]
lcms22.8-1color management engineLinksvn
less481-3a text file browser similar to more, but betterLink[-]
libaio0.0.1-5port of asynchronous i/o support from glibc.Link[-]
libc-kprofile0.6.3-4standard shared librariesLink[-]
libc0.6.6-34standard shared librariesLink[-]
libcapi20-dummy0.0.0-2dummy capi 2.0 library[- Link][-]
libcx0.5.3-1klibc extension libraryLinkgithub
libffi3.0.11-1a portable foreign function interface libraryLink[-]
gcc4.5.2-2various compilers (c, c++, objective-c, java, ...)Link[-]
libidl0.8.14-6idl parsing libraryLink[-]
libidn1.33-2internationalized domain name support libraryLink[-]
libjpeg-turbo1.5.1-1a mmx/sse2/simd accelerated library for manipulating jpeg image filesLinkgithub
libjpeg8d-2a library for manipulating jpeg image format filesLink[-]
libkai1.2.0-1k audio interface library for os/2 multimedia subsystemLink[-]
libmikmod3.3.8-sound library for module filesLink[-]
libnetapi-dummy0.0.0-2dummy netapi library[- Link][-]
liboauth1.0.0-1oauth library functionsLink[-]
libogg1.3.2-1ogg bitstream library.Link[-]
libpaper1.1.24-1library and tools for handling papersizeLink[-]
libpipeline1.4.1-1a pipeline manipulation libraryLinkgithub
libpng1.6.31-1a library of functions for manipulating png image format filesLinksvn
libpoll1.5.1-6system v poll system call emulation.Link[-]
libpsl0.17.0-1c library for the publix suffix listLinksvn
rexx libraries for os/20.9.0-1rexx libraries for os/2Link[-]
libspectre0.2.8-1a library for rendering postscript(tm) documentsLink[-]
compat-libspf21.2.9-an implementation of the spf specificationLink[-]
libtiff-legacy3.9.5-2library of functions for manipulating tiff format image filesLink[-]
libtiff4.0.7-3library of functions for manipulating tiff format image filesLinksvn
libtool2.4.6-3the gnu portable library toolLink[-]
libusb11.0.21-1a library which allows userspace access to usb devicesLinksvn
libvorbis1.3.5-1the vorbis general audio compression codec.Link[-]
libvpx1.6.1-1vp8/vp9 video codec sdkLink[-]
libxml2-python2.7.7-6libxml2 packageLink[-]
libxml22.9.4-3library providing xml and html supportLinksvn
libxslt1.1.29-2library providing the gnome xslt engineLink[-]
lua5.3.4-2powerful light-weight programming languageLinksvn
lzo2.09-3data compression library with very fast (de)compressionLink[-]
m41.4.17-3the gnu macro processorLink[-]
mercurial2.5.2-1a fast, lightweight distributed source control management systemLink[-]
metastore0.0-1metastore stores metadata for gitLink[-]
mikmod3.2.7-1music module playerLink[-]
mmap0.5-1memory mapped file emulation library for os/2[- Link][-]
mpc1.0.1-3mpc multiple-precision complex shared libraryLink[-]
mpfr3.1.0-2a c library for multiple-precision floating-point computationsLink[-]
nasm2.11.08-2a portable x86 assembler which uses intel-like syntaxLink[-]
ncftp3.2.6-5improved console ftp clientLinksvn
ncurses5.9-1ncurses support utilitiesLink[-]
neon0.30.0-1an http and webdav client libraryLink[-]
netlabs-exp0.0.0-4netlabs experimental repository[- Link][-]
netlabs-rel0.0.0-5netlabs stable repository[- Link][-]
noip2.1.9-1.1a dynamic dns update clientLink[-]
nspr4.12.0-4netscape portable runtimeLinksvn
nss3.23.0-4network security servicesLinksvn
openssh5.9p1-an open source implementation of ssh protocol versions 1 and 2Link[-]
openssl1.0.2k-1a general purpose cryptography library with tls implementationLinksvn
os2-base0.0.0-17os/2 - ecomstation 2.0 - arcaos 5.0 base[- Link][-]
os2-mm0.0.0-1os/2 - ecomstation 2.0 mmos2[- Link][-]
os2-mpts0.0.0-2os/2 - ecomstation 2.0 mpts[- Link][-]
os2-release00-3os/2 release filesLink[-]
os2-rpm0-4os/2 specific rpm macros and scripts[- Link][-]
os2-tcpip0.0.0-2os/2 - ecomstation 2.0 tcp/ip[- Link][-]
os2tk454.5.2-6ibm os/2 developer's toolkit version 4.5[- Link]github
pango1.28.4-2system for layout and rendering of internationalized textLink[-]
patch2.6.1-4utility for modifying/upgrading filesLink[-]
pcre8.12-2perl-compatible regular expression libraryLink[-]
perl-encode-locale1.05-1determine the locale encodingLink[-]
perl-error0.17024-1error/exception handling in an oo-ish wayLink[-]
perl-gettext1.07-1interface to gettext family of functionsLink[-]
perl-html-parser3.72-1perl module for parsing htmlLink[-]
perl-html-tagset3.20-1html::tagset - data tables useful in parsing htmlLink[-]
perl-http-date6.02-1date conversion routinesLink[-]
perl-http-message6.11-1http style messageLink[-]
perl-io-html1.001-1open an html file with automatic character set detectionLink[-]
perl-lwp-mediatypes6.02-1guess media type for a file or a urlLink[-]
perl-timedate2.30-1a perl module for time and date manipulationLink[-]
perl-uri1.71-1a perl module implementing uri parsing and manipulationLink[-]
perl5.16.1-4practical extraction and report languageLinksvn
pixman0.32.8-3pixel manipulation libraryLink[-]
pkgconfig0.29.1-4a tool for determining compilation optionsLink[-]
pmdcalcp1.0.0-2pmdcalc plusLink[-]
pmping2.0.0-2bww bitwise works pmpingLink[-]
po4a0.51-1a tool maintaining translations anywhereLinkgit
poppler-data0.4.7-2encoding filesLink[-]
poppler0.52.0-1pdf rendering libraryLinksvn
popt1.15-5c library for parsing command line parametersLink[-]
pr1util1.6.5-1paul ratcliffe's pr1util libraryLink[-]
psutils1.23-2postscript utilitiesLink[-]
pthread20151229-21a posix pthread emulation for os/2-ecomstation[- Link][-]
pyliblzma0.5.3-1python bindings for lzmaLinksvn
pyparsing2.1.10-2Python package with an object-oriented approach to text processingLinkgithub
pyqt44.11.4-3python bindings for qt4Link[-]
python-appdirs1.4.3-1python module for determining platform-specific directoriesLinkgithub
python-dateutil2.6.0-1powerful extensions to the standard datetime moduleLink[-]
python-lxml3.6.4-2powerful and pythonic xml processing library combining libxml2/libxslt with the elementtree apiLink[-]
python-packaging16.8-2core utilities for python packagesLinkgithub
python-pycurl7.19.5.1-2a python interface to libcurlLink[-]
python-rpm-macros1-2the unversioned python rpm macros[- Link][-]
python-setuptools34.4.1-1easily build and distribute python packagesLinkgithub
python-six1.10.0-1python 2 and 3 compatibility utilitiesLink[-]
python2.7.6-18an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming languageLinksvn
qedit2.8.1-qt based advanced text editor[- Link]svn
qpdf6.0.0-1command-line tools and library for transforming pdf filesLink[-]
qpdfview0.4.17-3tabbed pdf viewerLinkgithub
readline6.1-4a library for editing typed command linesLink[-]
rexx2exe99.349-2free rexx "compiler" (generates .exe from .cmd)[- Link][-]
rexxini1.0.0-2steven elliott's rexxini libraryLink[-]
rexx_exe1.0.0-2wrap rexx scrips into os/2 pm or vio executables[- Link]github
rpm4.13.0-17the rpm package management systemLinksvn
rpm4.8.1-25the rpm package management systemLink[-]
rsync3.0.9-1a program for synchronizing files over a networkLink[-]
rxcrypt1.0.0-1dmitry a.steklenev's rxcrypt libraryLink[-]
rxu1.a.0-1dave boll's rxu rexx libraryLink[-]
s3cmd1.6.1-command line tool for managing amazon s3 and cloudfront servicesLink[-]
scribus1.4.6-3desktop publishing application written in qtLinksvn
sdl1.2.15-5a cross-platform multimedia libraryLink[-]
sdl_gfx2.0.25-sdl graphics drawing primitives and other support functions[- Link][-]
sdl_image1.2.12-simple directmedia layer - sample image loading library[- Link][-]
sdl_mixer1.2.12-simple directmedia layer - sample mixer library[- Link][-]
sdl_net1.2.8-sdl portable network libraryLink[-]
sdl_sound1.0.3-1an abstract soundfile decoderLink[-]
SDL_ttf2.0.11-simple directmedia layer truetype font libraryLink[-]
sed4.2.1-2a gnu stream text editorLink[-]
serf1.2.1-5a high-performance asynchronous http client libraryLink[-]
sgml-common0.6.3-45common sgml catalog and dtd filesLinkgithub
sip4.18-5sip - python/c++ bindings generatorLink[-]
splix2.0.0-1driver for qpdl/spl2 printers (samsung and several xerox printers)Linksvn
sqlite3.7.2-5library that implements an embeddable sql database engineLink[-]
subversion1.6.16.2-modern concurrent version control systemLink[-]
tar1.23-7a gnu file archiving programLink[-]
tcl8.9-3tool command language, pronounced tickleLink[-]
test5.2.14-1improved whois clientLink[-]
texinfo5.2-3tools needed to create texinfo format documentation filesLinksvn
tig2.2.1-1text-mode interface for the git revision control systemLinkgithub
uclip0.3.0-1uclip, enhanced os/2 clipboard support[- Link][-]
unzip6.0-6a utility for unpacking zip filesLink[-]
urlgrabber3.10.1-10a high-level cross-protocol url-grabberLink[-]
urpo20160630-12unlink rename pending operation[- Link][-]
urw-fonts2.4-0free versions of the 35 standard postscript fonts.Link[-]
usbcalls20140416-1user level usb bus wrapper library[- Link][-]
libvncserver0.9.10-4a library to make writing a vnc server easy[- Link][-]
watcom2.0beta1-6watcom compiler tools for gcc[- Link][-]
wcd5.3.3-2chdir for dos and unixLink[-]
wget1.18-3a utility for retrieving files using the http or ftp protocolsLinksvn
which1.0-2locate a program file in the user's pathsLinksvn
whois5.2.18-1improved whois clientLinksvn
wpi4rpm0.9.7-1warpin package entry for rpmsLink[-]
wptools3.3.0-1workplace toolsLink[-]
xz5.2.3-2lzma compression utilitiesLinksvn
yum-metadata-parser1.1.4-7a fast metadata parser for yumLink[-]
yum-plugin-replace0.2.7-1package replacement plugin for yumLink[-]
yum-utils1.1.31-3utilities based around the yum package managerLink[-]
yum3.4.3-11rpm installer/updaterLinksvn
zip3.0-6a file compression and packaging utility compatible with pkzipLink[-]
zlib1.2.11-2the compression and decompression libraryLinksvn

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