Aug 11, 2016:

8:35 AM WikiStart edited by lewisr
added link to trunk changelog; grammatical change (can be found - may … (diff)
8:28 AM WikiStart edited by lewisr
changed references to 1.3.6RC to 1.3.6 RC1 (diff)
8:09 AM WikiStart edited by lewisr
Updated Gmane links; added ANPM installation directions; added … (diff)

Aug 10, 2016:

5:53 AM Ticket #288 (Crash when loading a corrupt PDF) created by dryeo
When loading the attached corrupt PDF, Lucide crashes, see attached …

Aug 9, 2016:

11:17 PM Ticket #287 (Lucide.lng - "FDLG_ALL_FILES" string missing in "File Dialog" section) created by ggay
Found a missing string command in "File Dialog" section: …
11:06 PM Ticket #286 (French language file for Lucide 1.3.6) created by ggay
- Correction of a 4 years old typo. - Translation of a full section …
10:56 PM Ticket #285 (French readme file for Lucide) created by ggay
Lucide 1.3.6 "readme" file translated in French.
10:51 PM Ticket #284 (English readme file review) created by ggay
- Correction of a typo corrected. - Correction of an inconsistency …
7:29 PM WikiStart edited by martini
1:33 AM Ticket #283 (Consider removing JPG plugin in favor of GBM) created by lewisr
I have long used the GBM (Generalised Bitmap Module) plugin, which …

Aug 7, 2016:

1:06 AM Changeset [528] by gyoung
Update version to 1.3.6

Aug 6, 2016:

8:32 AM Changeset [527] by lewisr
Various textual changes to English language file; final correction to …
8:18 AM Changeset [526] by lewisr
Updated readme and changelog in preparation for tagging 1.3.6 release
6:49 AM Ticket #181 (Allow Save As to save to the same file) reopened by lewisr
Reopening, as qPDFView is no longer relevant for this project. This is …
6:46 AM Ticket #239 (Filling form does not function) reopened by lewisr
Reopening, as qpdfview is no longer a valid resolution for Lucide …
6:11 AM Ticket #282 (Display a warning when the installed poppler lib is not at the ...) created by lewisr
Instead of merely not rendering PDFs, apply check at startup for …

Aug 3, 2016:

1:02 AM Changeset [525] by gyoung
Change nmemonic for reverse print from "r" to "v'. "r" was already used

Aug 1, 2016:

4:49 AM Ticket #281 (Add preference for measurements (mm vs in)) created by lewisr
When setting print margins, the measurement is hardcoded in mm. This …
4:40 AM Ticket #279 (Implement or improve caching of PDF) closed by lewisr
duplicate: See ticket #121.
4:35 AM Ticket #120 (Reverse-order printing) reopened by lewisr
Mnemonic is there, but selecting Alt-R only highlights the option; it …

Jul 31, 2016:

11:34 PM Changeset [524] by gyoung
Makefile changes to create unique .sym and .xqs files for exe and dll …
11:25 PM Ticket #120 (Reverse-order printing) closed by gyoung
fixed: CS[523]
11:23 PM Changeset [523] by gyoung
Add reverse print option dialog hotkey and menu improvements …
11:15 PM Ticket #280 (Add substitute font name to font dialog) closed by gyoung
fixed: CS[522]
11:14 PM Changeset [522] by gyoung
Add substitute font name to Font dialog Ticket [280]
11:12 PM Ticket #280 (Add substitute font name to font dialog) created by gyoung
11:04 PM Changeset [521] by gyoung
Most of the exceptq changes Ticket [272]
8:46 PM Ticket #277 (Intei pdf manual doesn't render properly works in old lucide ePDF and ...) closed by gyoung
worksforme: This was a UNIXROOT issue not a lucide issue
7:36 AM Ticket #279 (Implement or improve caching of PDF) created by lewisr
Switching to a different virtual desktop or opening another program …
7:32 AM Ticket #278 (Plugins list window should left align column headings) created by lewisr
I use the GBM plugin, which handles a lot of file types. …
7:20 AM Ticket #275 (Save As... should be Save as... and should also have a hotkey ...) closed by lewisr
fixed: Implemented/fixed in 7-30-16 build of 1.3.6.
7:18 AM Ticket #272 (Enable ExceptQ support) closed by lewisr
fixed: Nice! Tested with exceptq 7.11.3 (normal terminations; exceptq option Z).
7:03 AM Ticket #212 (A hotkey to open/close the Navigation pane would be nice) closed by lewisr
fixed: Implemented in 7-30-16 build of 1.3.6.

Jul 21, 2016:

3:00 AM Ticket #264 (Missing mnemonics in print dialog) closed by lewisr
fixed: These all work for me under your 1.3.6 beta build, using the Alt …
2:43 AM Ticket #218 (Poor printing quality) closed by lewisr
worksforme: No response from reporter. I do not see this printing to HP …
2:23 AM Ticket #91 (encrypted documents) closed by lewisr
fixed: The file attached to: …
1:35 AM Ticket #87 (Even/Odd Printing) closed by lewisr
fixed: Even/odd printing works for me with Print as image. Current popplers …
1:13 AM Ticket #170 (Mouseproblem in fullscreen-mode (xPager)) closed by lewisr
fixed: Resolving as fixed as cannot reproduce under 1.3.6 beta, and no …

Jun 5, 2016:

9:55 PM Ticket #277 (Intei pdf manual doesn't render properly works in old lucide ePDF and ...) created by gyoung
No text is shown see attached screen shot. It is fine in the other …
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