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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#43 Testing eCS Java 6 (1.6 beta) with a swing intensive application like iTrain task Feedback Pending Enhanced general
#68 Performance of Java 6 is not too good defect major Next general
#71 unnecessary dependence on gccxxx.dll defect minor general
#85 TV Browser windows size in settings windows not correct defect major RC2 general
#86 Seamless java rdp does not work defect major RC2 general
#101 Java application used in VirtualBox: failure to properly size windows defect minor Enhanced general
#103 Problem running JAlbum 9.3 defect Feedback Pending Enhanced general
#106 Program doesn't react on mouse defect Feedback Pending Enhanced general
#110 Exif-O-Matic 1.1.8 file open problems defect minor general
#111 ImageJ version 1.44l menu defects defect blocker general
#113 Problem running JAlbum 9.4.1 Peter defect major GA general
#122 Create a WPI-Package enhancement Feedback Pending Enhanced general
#133 Openfire crashes when a client connects. defect critical general
#144 file could not be read defect Feedback Pending Enhanced general
#146 Java 1.6 failure defect Feedback Pending GA2 general
#182 java test websites do *not* report icedtea plugin installed and working defect major Enhanced general
#186 Firefox and also Seamonkey are unable to visualize web page defect major Enhanced general
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