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#25 "однократное" воспроизведение звука vladest enhancement high UNIAUD32 1.0
#10 Microphone disfunctionality anonymous defect normal UNIAUD32 1.1.4
#18 UNIAUD does not deal properly with audio buffers rjerant defect normal UNIAUD16 1.1.4RC6
#38 UniAud32 does not report correct IRQ flags to the resource_manager's database defect normal UNIAUD32 1.1.4
#97 Dtape/Drecord does not record with Uniaud defect normal UNIAUD32 1.1.4
#121 machine hangswhenrunning Zmp3 player in share mode andplaya spundviathespunds folder inthe mmos2 folder David Azarewicz defect normal UNIAUD16 1.1.4RC5
#190 no sound with SDL apps defect normal UNIAUD16 1.9.5
#9 won't play midi songs enhancement lowest UNIAUD16 1.1.4

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#215 pmixWrite() failed if a buffer size is too small defect highest UNIAUD16 1.9.26
#17 Uniaud fails with IBM AP/2 test tool defect high UNIAUD16 1.1.4RC6
#201 Short annoying beep at closing audio device. defect normal UNIAUD32 1.9.25
#236 Stereo 16 bit 22050 sample rate wave stutters badly; higher rates fine. defect normal UNIAUD16 1.9.26
#239 Uniaud should support the CAT 0x80 audio IOCTL enhancement normal UNIAUD16 1.9.26
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