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#45 Name confliction of LIBLDAP.DLL Paul Smedley defect blocker 3.0.28 fixed
#59 if standard guest account is added to a group, all Samba group information is broken after next Samba start Silvan Scherrer defect blocker 3.0.30 wontfix
#77 tdb loglevel is too low Silvan Scherrer defect blocker 3.0.34 invalid
#93 Destructions of *.tdb files Silvan Scherrer defect blocker 3.0.34 lack of feedback
#111 Corrupted EAs of a file prevent directory contents from being delivered to clients Silvan Scherrer defect blocker 3.0.34 fixed
#115 compiler switch Silvan Scherrer defect blocker 3.3.6 fixed
#132 Samba 3.3.10 to 3.3.12 always throws NT_STATUS_INVALID_OBJECT Silvan Scherrer defect blocker fixed
#68 sequence 0xA9 0x20 characters in file's/folder's names on samba's shares Silvan Scherrer defect critical 3.0.31 fixed
#69 samba-server as PDC - 100% CPU load ~every 1-2 day Paul Smedley defect critical 3.0.32 fixed
#3 Security/2 Paul Smedley enhancem. major 3.0.25pre1 invalid
#98 Thunderbird profile on a Samba share is very slow Silvan Scherrer defect major 3.3.6 duplicate
#70 swat does not work Silvan Scherrer defect minor 3.0.28a completed
#101 remove files Silvan Scherrer task minor 3.3.6 wontfix
#144 Cannot run Server and Client concurrently on the same machine Silvan Scherrer enhancem. minor NDP 1.5.1 fixed
#17 map hidden, map system, map archive should be ignored/disabled on eCS (OS/2) Paul Smedley enhancem. trivial 3.0.25a wontfix
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