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Consider setting sane value for INFOPATH in postin scriptlet

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Currently, info (5.2-3) and man-db ( do not set path variables during installation. While some of us prefer to set these values for ourselves, others may not be aware as to why, for example:

[q:\] info info

fails to find info.

It might be wise to add basic settings via postin scriplet for each of these (basic = x:\usr\share\man and x:\usr\share\info, where x: is %UNIXROOT%).


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Please always do one ticket for one issue. Mixing them is never good.
For man there is no need for a manpath, as it can be added to man_db.conf in /@unixroot/etc. All normal path are include already.
For Info i will take a look next week.

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Oy, vey ist mir! ;-)

You are entirely correct concerning MANPATH (I haven't kept current). I put both of these together mainly thinking that this was a philosophical issue as to whether you felt that these variables should be set during installation, and the same logic could be applied to other packages needing variables set in CONFIG.SYS.

So, this only applies to INFOPATH, then. Summary updated to better reflect the issue.

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Strange is here all works. Did you just use your bootstrap? As when you install Info it adds all needed Strings to config files. And all newer rpm also add Info stuff when enabled.
So please recheck.

comment:5 Changed 6 months ago by lewisr

I can confirm that on one older install info works with no INFOPATH. On the newer one (ArcaOS, it does not. The bootstrap did change in between. I'll test a few bootstraps and some manual installs to track this down.

More feedback coming later today.

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i can confirm that earlier bootstrap installs run info just fine (at least 2017-04-08 and 2017-06-10). I see breakage with the 2017-09-23 bootstrap. The error is:

SYS0003: The system cannot find the path specified. "N:\@unixroot\usr\share\info\"

Note the improper handling of %UNIXROOT%. This is a consistent issue with later bootstraps until setting INFOPATH.

This is not bootstrap breakage, either, as I can start with the 2017-06-10 bootstrap which works, test info (all fine), update that to the latest packages available, and get the breakage.

The issue is in info-5.2-3. The problem does not occur with 5.2-2. fresh ticket coming.

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