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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#164 gcc4.spec: Add gcc-wlink and gcc-wrc dependencies to gcc package enhancement blocker spec files
#19 Provide CUBE replacement Yuri Dario task major rpm
#30 WPS objects are killed on package update Yuri Dario defect major rpm
#51 Yum bootstrap error Yuri Dario defect major rpm
#59 Yum install cannot install (8) packages Yuri Dario defect major yum
#96 Running Python while VRXEDIT.EXE is running causes hang defect major python
#100 Unable to update to rpm-libs 4.8.1-19 and urpo 20150101-9 defect major rpm
#123 Problem analyse tool defect major rpm
#136 python 2.7.6 loses pipe output. dmik defect major python
#147 tkinter working? defect major python
#214 Consider installing OMF type import libs along side aout style ones. enhancement major other
#243 Package install fails for ghostscript-gtk-9.10-4.oc00.i686 defect major rpm
#20 Use %TMP% for bootstrap package Yuri Dario defect minor rpm
#78 yum should warn if LIBC_UNIX_EAS is disabling EAs for install volume enhancement minor yum
#94 rpm for different devtools task minor other
#95 Allow to be installed on non-root directory enhancement minor rpm
#199 libusb1-devel-doc has unreasonable dependencies defect minor spec files
#195 Need updated urpo-debug package (20160630-12) task trivial rpm
#104 Group tag standardization Lewis Rosenthal task Feedback Pending rpm
#126 poppler-data and poppler-data-devel packages have no group tag task Feedback Pending other
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