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#298 QFileSystemModel::directoryLoaded() signal passes a drive root as x: not x:/ defect major 4.7.3 medium
#305 Application icon is unavailable in (e.g.) MessageBox::about() when ICO is used. defect trivial 4.7.3 low
#307 qtconcurrentfilter.h generates -Wunused-local-typedefs warning when compiling with GCC 4.9.2 defect minor 4.7.3 low
#309 Provide i686 and pentium4 builds of Qt4 libraries enhancement minor 4.7.3 low
#15 Finish configure.cmd enhancement major 4.5.1 Beta 1 low
#240 File system view in QtCreator doesn't enter certain directories defect major low
#250 Update to 5.x task major low
#252 Invokinga Qt App switches keyboard from german to US defect minor 4.5.1 Beta 1 low
#266 waitForFinished() doesn't work defect major 4.7.3 low
#274 Qt FileDialog locks up machine with Core 2 Quad, but works with Core 2 Duo defect major 4.7.3 medium
#275 Qt 4.7.3 yum install as the preferred method defect minor 4.7.3 medium
#277 enhance QsysInfo defect minor 4.7.3 low
#283 Make Qt completely highmem-compatible defect major 4.7.3 low
#289 Fix plugin load failures defect major 4.7.3 low
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