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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#249 LIBC extended attributes can cause non-EAs aware applictions to fail bird defect high libc-0.6.5 libc-backend
#35 ld crashes when map files are enabled bird defect normal emx
#226 Use lazy loading and beginlibpath to change libpath bird enhancement normal libc-0.7 libc-backend
#250 emxomf verbose option bird defect normal libc-0.6.5 emx
#251 emxomf: option for suppressing symbol truncation messages bird defect normal libc-0.6.6 emx
#300 Make spawnvpe support extension-less executables defect normal libc-0.6.6 libc
#311 FPU control word is altered at startup defect normal libc-0.7 libc
#315 Missing sa_family_t in sys/socket.h defect normal libc-0.7 libc
#320 export __libc_native2errno() enhancement normal libc-0.7 libc
#347 Make stdint.h be aware of C++11 defect normal libc-0.7 libc
#382 multiple files with same indoe are created defect normal new libc
#107 crash in threads with cerr-usage when cin is a pipe bird enhancement low libc
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