Apr 5, 2017:

6:11 PM Ticket #375 (Add newer regex support) created by dmik
Versions of regcomp()/regexec()/etc in kLIBC seem to be quite old. In …

Mar 22, 2017:

2:33 PM Ticket #374 (File streams are flushed too late at termination) created by dmik
LIBC flushes all file streams from its _DLL_InitTerm() in a callback …

Mar 7, 2017:

9:33 PM Ticket #373 (open is not multiprocess-safe) created by dmik
It turns out that if two open() calls of the same file happen at the …

Feb 20, 2017:

11:41 PM Ticket #372 (DosLoadModule kills fork) created by dmik
It turns out that if a program loads some kLIBC DLL with DosLoadModule?

Feb 14, 2017:

9:32 AM Ticket #371 (/@unixroot/bin) created by diver
as we don't have any /@unixroot/bin in our rpm stuff I wonder if …
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