kNIX Bootstrap aims at porting all tools required for Gentoo stage 1 and for building kLIBC, emx, gcc and binutils.

When completed, it will be possible to start out with only gcc (gcc+kLIBC+binutils+emx-toolchain that is) installed and proceed to bootstrap everything up to the point where Gentoo Portage is in a working condition and can take over.

This is the kLIBC v0.7 release.

The primary focus will be a native NT port of libc. This means hammering out the a complete frontend <-> backend interface.

More UNIX-like features will be added as usual. If time permits, pthreads might also be implemented.

This is the LIBC v0.8 release.

Fully separate libc into frontend and backend code, cleaning up any old style backend calls. Implement some new backends, likely candidates are:

  • A tiny OS/2 backend which doesn't provide much UNIX-like stuff and thus will cause a bunch of APIs to fail with ENOSYS and such like.
  • A tiny NT Native (no win32) backend similar to the above for i386.
  • A tiny Windows Vista (not win32) backend.
  • A BSD or/and Linux backend.
  • A NT Native (no win32) backend similar to the default OS/2 backend.
  • A Windows Vista (not win32) backend similar to the default OS/2 backend.

This is the LIBC v0.9 release.

Dunno, AMD64 support perhaps (depends on whether the BSD/Linux/NT/Vista backends are any fun to use).

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