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#233 IcedTeaWeb plugin 1.3 Beta fails to work -was ticket #212 defect blocker Enhanced general
#42 Testing eCS Java 6 (1.6 beta) with a swing intensive application like iTrain defect critical Enhanced general
#63 Program (GenJ) will normally not start defect major general
#84 Java crash with Drag & Drop (Jalbum) defect major general
#91 Problem running Jalbum 9.1.3 defect major general
#116 PMCTLS.DLL related crashes in Java applications caused by DragText (version 3.9) defect major GA general
#189 No menu in ImageJ after installing GA3 defect major Enhanced general
#196 Fatal error when running Freemind 09.0 (0.8.1 works fine. defect major Enhanced general
#217 Consider porting the SWT library enhancement major Enhanced general
#221 Error opening subsidiary window under jdk6 defect major Enhanced general
#105 Java Image Editor doesn't work defect Feedback Pending Enhanced general
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