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#207 invalid Java 160b27GA5 Anchieri

I have tested your last version of java with LVMGUI to view if menu bar item appear or not and I have noted that now is possible to use all function in it, but during the start of program I receive this message on console:

Err in GetFreeSize?, Err= 21 RETURN CODE IS= -1

the command that I use is: JAVA.EXE -cp C:\OS2JAVAAPPS\LVMGUI.ZIP lvmgui.

After many test I obtained a hang that force me to reboot with C.A.D. I attached a captured image of lvmgui window (lvmgui.jpg).

#206 fixed java.awt.print failes gap

The java.awt.print fails in Java 1.6 (B27) but works in earlier versions.

#205 fixed Desktop on Call crashes browser and then graphicall corrupts the PMSHELL. ecsnl

This is *possibly* the same problem as ticket #200.

With the internal eCS 2.2 beta's that install ODIN via RPM and the latest JAVA I get a graphically corrupted PMSHELL. I need to reboot.

The problem does not go away by dragging for example an open folder over the desktop.

What happens is that Desktop On Call works. In the browser you see the login window loaded. Then when the you type in the password and userid normaly a new browser window is loaded that displays the remote desktop. This is where the crash occurs.

In some cases the java.exe does not crash by it. But if I go into TOP and kill it the same corruption occurs.

I will privately send a link where a desktop on call workstation is open so you guys can test this!

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