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#51 Netdrive Drag&Drop delay (move drag/drop dialog to separate tread?) defect major Release_3.5.9 fm/2 base
#53 USB removable drives not recognized as removable enhancement major Release_3.22 fm/2 base
#92 Resolve reported scroll lockups when Innotek font engine enabled. enhancement major fm/2 base
#147 Complex crash of FM/2 invovling PMview Netdrives mapping of a PEER drive and warpcenter defect major Release_3.9 fm/2 base
#18 Return error messages when external programs fail defect minor Release_3.9 fm/2 base
#97 Left click on new unformated volume brings up directory menu not drives menu defect minor fm/2 base
#191 Ensure compare directory displays reasonable counts after out of resource fallback Steven Levine defect minor Release_3.10 fm/2 base
#305 Sometimes the top of the tree container is under the "states" bar on opening defect minor Release_3.15 fm/2 base
#353 Eject fails to eject HPFS formatted USB removable drive defect minor Release_3.22 fm/2 base
#438 Make sure that archiver.bb2 is reloaded anytime the file is changed by the edit archiver dialog defect minor Release_3.19 fm/2 base
#445 Directories don't unhighlight after copy defect minor Release_3.20 fm/2 base
#533 Lock file message has incorrect filename defect minor Release_3.23 fm/2 base
#558 Opening a local drive directory appears to hang fm2 defect minor Release_3.24 fm/2 base
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