Welcome to eCups

This project is intended to create a seamless integration of CUPS into OS/2 - ArcaOS - eComStation.

Please note the below information is pretty much outdated, as everything is available as rpm and already integrated in ArcaOS. I hope someone will take the time to update it all.

Where to Start?

The CupsPort from Paul Smedley includes all the necessary components as listed below (updated 23rd December, 2012).

eCups consists of the following components:

  • CUPS - the Common Unix Printing System server and filters
  • Ghostscript - used to convert printer jobs (submitted in PostScript format) into data that can be sent to the printer.
  • Gutenprint/HPLIP/Splix/foo2x - driver packages & conversion filters used to implement individual printer support.
  • eCUPS driver - system printer driver (ECUPS.DRV, replacement for PSCRIPT.DRV) that includes many Gutenprint and Splix PPD files preimported into a postscript driver to aid ease of use (Updated and renamed 28th December, 2008)
  • Port driver (PDR) which allows PM applications to print using CUPS.
  • Obsolete: Postscript printer driver replacement (PSCRIPT.DRV) to overcome the shortcomings of the current implementation (Binary added 11th July, 2008). Now replaced by ECUPS.DRV (above).
  • Printer install tool, detect printers on the CUPS server and allow to create them automatically in your OS/2 system. Still under development.

Setting up and using eCups

See the CupsPort page for the list of required packages, along with summary installation instructions.

More information can be found on the following pages:

  • eCUPS HowTo by Pete Brown
  • eCups FAQ : Answers to frequently asked questions about CUPS under eComStation and OS/2

Additional Information

Bart's presentation from Warpstock Europe 2006 is available at:

Alex Taylor's presentation from Warpstock Europe 2011 is available at:

Other available information:

  • TerminoLogy : Some terms used in the mailing lists explained
  • AddPpdFiles : How to add additional printers with a PPD file to pscript.drv by andywillis
  • GhostScriptRasterPrinting : Using ghostscript to print to unsupported printers by frolof
  • UsingCUPSServer : Print to printers that are managed by a remote CUPS server by Warp5
  • ModifyingPPD : How to modify a gutenprint PPD file for use with pscript.drv by Rich Walsh

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