The OS/2 port of CUPS has several required components.

WarpIN Archive

WarpIN archives are now available for integrated eCups installation. These are located at

The following packages are required:

The directory contains several other packages as well, which are mostly for advanced users or those with particular needs. See for an overview.

Download all desired WPIs to the same directory, and install them by opening cups-base-2_1_0.wpi with WarpIN. Read the displayed release notes carefully before selecting packages for installation.

WarpIN 1.0.18 or later is required: see

Please Note: These install packages are not guaranteed to be updated at the same time as the ZIP file releases.

ZIP files

The alternative is to download all required packages in ZIP file format and perform a manual installation. Check the installation notes and any included readme files plus the HowTo mentioned below to help install the packages and setup a printer:

CUPS - This is the base CUPS package. Version 2.1.0 is available at; this also requires the CUPS-Filters package, (An older stable version, V1.4.8, is also available: - this does not require CUPS-Filters.)

Note that for USB printing with either of these versions, you must have LIBUSB10.DLL on your system; you can get this file from

Ghostscript - The latest OS/2 binary should always be available from

Depending on your printer, you most likely need one of the following:

ECUPS.DRV: A modified version of IBM's pscript.drv with improvements to compatibility with CUPS. New version: - includes 650 or so printers from Gutenprint 5.2.3 and all printers from Splix v1.1.1

ECUPS-HP.DRV: Like the above, but for use with HP-LIP. Current version is - includes about 610 printers preimported from HP-LIP.

CUPS.PDR - port driver to allow print jobs to be queued to a CUPS server from OS/2 applications. ZIP file includes the latest source code.

CUPS Wizard - a graphical user interface that vastly simplifies the process of setting up new printers.

Installation notes:

CUPS and Gutenprint/Splix/HPLIP need to be extracted into the root directory of the SAME drive - some Gutenprint/Splix/HPLIP files need to be installed into the CUPS directories.

Ghostscript also needs to be installed. The current CUPS build expects to find gsos2.exe in \gs\gsx.yy\bin\gsos2.exe - ie on the same drive as CUPS. If this isn't the location of Ghostscript, you can edit \cups\lib\cups\filter\pstoraster and edit the PREFIX which points to the Ghostscript location.

Refer to the CUPS HowTo for more details on how to use CUPS, particularly the stuff on setting up the port driver and importing PPD files into pscript.drv work in progress....

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