This page is intended to explain some terms used on the mailing list, feel free to contribute or correct !

  • Postscript marker this is the start of a postscript file, it might be followed by a version number.
  • Postscript comment This is printer specific code which is normaly embeded inside the postscript sent out to the printer. It is called comment since its printer specific, and specifies information a.o. about paper size and which tray to use. A generic postscript processor ( like ghostscript ) will ignore this, since it is comment, just like comment in the source code. a sample comment, setting the pagesize on the printer
    %%BeginFeature: PageSize A4
    << /PageSize [595 842] /ImagingBBox null >> setpagedevice
    %%EndFeature: PageSize
    } stopped cleartomark
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