This information will help you if:

  • you have a CUPS server in your network that manages printers
  • the printer you want to print to understands Postscript
  • you have the CUPS port from Paul installed
  1. Create a client.conf file that holds the information about the CUPS server
    • create a file called client.conf in \cups\etc\cups
    • add a single line to the file like this:
    • obviously substitute with the name of your CUPS server
  2. Query the names of the printers on the CUPS server
    • Issue the following command: \cups\bin\lpstat.exe -a
    • This will create a list of printers that can be used on the CUPS server
  3. Print the CUPS test page
    • simply issue the following command: \cups\bin\lpr -P<printername> \cups\share\cups\data\
    • <printername> is the name of a printer as shown by the output of \cups\bin\lpstat.exe -a
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