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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#37 Trap in wlanstat defect major engine 3.11
#48 xwlan.dll - xcenter widget does not unload when xcenter is closed enhancement minor xcenter widget 3.14
#40 Typo in English message string for IDT_IDSTR_IPCONFLICT defect trivial GUI (dialogs) 3.12

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#32 Connect button not active in 'Scan for hotspots' dialog enhancement major GUI (dialogs) 3.12
#39 Connection to some hotspots does not work defect major engine 3.12
#44 Switching wireless off/on within short period of time does not restart dhclient defect major engine 3.11
#36 Allow searching for networks even wenn WLAN is disabled defect minor GUI (dialogs) 3.12
#38 Automatically create profile for public hotspots when no matching profile is found defect minor GUI (dialogs) 3.12
#27 creating profile from connected hotspot causes interface reconfiguration defect trivial engine 3.12
#33 'Refresh' button in hotspot scan dialog needless defect trivial GUI (dialogs) 3.12
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