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#4 Geometry of Samsung HD103SJ is not translated new stevenhl defect critical Release-1.8.16
#3 Using an alternative geometry new stevenhl enhancement major Release-1.8.16
#13 Halt when SMART request was made to boot IDE drive new stevenhl defect major Release-1.8.16
#20 VIA VT6421A read issues accepted stevenhl defect major Release-1.8.16
#9 Danis506.ADD does not recognize P55 Express chipset and Marvell SATA controllers assigned stevenhl task minor Release-1.8.16
#10 APM setting is forgotten after resume new stevenhl defect minor Release-1.8.16
#11 Provide an executable to change APM level from command line new stevenhl enhancement minor Release-1.8.16
#17 os2ahci reports non-existent devices to smart queries new stevenhl defect minor Release-1.8.16
#19 type ibms506$ does not produce output if danis506 is controlling only optical drives new stevenhl defect minor Release-1.8.16
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