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Trap 3 in UniAud16 1.9.6

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For logfiles, see ticket #218.

I'm using currently UniAud32 2.1.3 with the new UniAud16 1.9.6. It works normally, but with EmperoarTV the number of times the sound buffer hangs/repeats has increased significantly against my old UniAud? versions (don't know which versions that were).

Also there have been two traps in UniAud16, which has never happended before:

Exception in module: UNIAUD16 TRAP 0003 ERRCD=0000 ERACC= ERLIM= EAX=7cd00001 EBX=f98960e8 ECX=0000fa87 EDX=00000028 ESI=fa210000 EDI=26cb0000 EBP=02df5482 FLG=00002046 CS:EIP=38c0:00002555 CSACC=009b CSLIM=0000a244 SS:ESP=0030:00005480 SSACC=1097 SSLIM=0000479f DS=38b8 DSACC=0093 DSLIM=000060f4 CR0=80010013 ES=3850 ESACC=0093 ESLIM=00006391 CR2=0374fff8 FS=0000 FSACC= FSLIM= GS=0000 GSACC= GSLIM=

The system detected an internal processing error at location ##0168:fff1da1f - 000e:ca1f. 60000, 9084

06860642 Internal revision 14.104a_W4

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TRAP 3 (debugger call) also happens with VLC 2.0.5 as player and UniAud?*.sys from 2.1.3. Now trying 1.9.26 - hopefully the crashes will disappear with that version ...

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by usenet-fbi

This TRAP 3 also happens with 1.9.26, perhaps it is triggered by VLC 2.0.5. But I know that I had one TRAP in the new UniAud16 while EmperoarTV was running, I'm just not sure if I took the screenshot with the trap screen at that time or when it crashed with VLC.

For the sound buffer repeating hang I'll have to see if the 2.1.3 package with the included UniAud16 is acceptable or if I have to stay with the 1.9.26 versions.

comment:4 Changed 7 years ago by abwillis

Try this uniaud32.sys and see if it helps with the buffer hangs...

I built these so that it works with my VPC. I don't see it helping with the Trap 3 in uniaud16 but if this one helps then EmperoarTV is using small buffers.

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This ticket is too old. Please use the latest version of Uniaud. If the problem persist, please re-open the ticket.


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