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#57 invalid yum update failure - perl Yuri Dario Andy Willis

Attempting to update perl and I receive: [d:\]yum update Setting up Update Process Error: Package tuple ('perl', 'i386', '0', '5.16.1', '0.7.oc00') could not be found in rpmdb

Tried: yum clean packages yum clean metadata yum clean all then a: yum check-update which shows (same results from Netlabs servers): cpio.i386 2.11-4.oc00 netlabs-rel-2rosenthals gawk.i386 4.0.0-2.oc00 netlabs-rel-2rosenthals libc.i386 0.6.5-16.oc00 netlabs-rel-2rosenthals libc-devel.i386 0.6.5-16.oc00 netlabs-rel-2rosenthals perl.i386 5.16.1-0.8.oc00 netlabs-exp-2rosenthals perl-libs.i386 5.16.1-0.8.oc00 netlabs-exp-2rosenthals

#58 fixed WarpIn package: UNIXROOT error when already set correctly (?) Yuri Dario Al Savage


With a system that has the environment variable UNIXROOT set to "C:\", the WarpIn? package complains.

WarpIn? warning: "2. Move the contents of the directory "C:\" to the root directory of C:

#59 wontfix Yum install cannot install (8) packages Yuri Dario Al Savage

eCS 2.1 UNIXROOT=Q: rpm-yum-bootstrap-1_3.wpi gave no errors upon its installation. At Yum Bootstrap Console, [Q:\]yum install yum

wasn't able to install eight of the 55 packages:


ash.i386 0:0.0.0-10.oc00 ca-certificates.noarch0:2011.80-1.oc00 coreutils.i386 0:8.6-9.oc00 file-libs.i386 0:5.04-6.oc00 ncurses.i386 0:5.7-4.oc00 openssl.i386 0:1.0.0a-5.oc00 rpm.i386 0:4.8.1-14.oc00 tcl.i386 1:8.5.9-2.oc00

Mar 13 20:54:28 ash-0.0.0-10.oc00.i386: 100 Mar 13 20:54:34 file-libs-5.04-6.oc00.i386: 100 Mar 13 20:54:38 1:tcl-8.5.9-2.oc00.i386: 100 Mar 13 20:54:39 ca-certificates-2011.80-1.oc00.noarch: 100 Mar 13 20:54:42 openssl-1.0.0a-5.oc00.i386: 100 Mar 13 20:54:43 ncurses-5.7-4.oc00.i386: 100 Mar 13 20:54:43 coreutils-8.6-9.oc00.i386: 100 Mar 13 20:54:43 rpm-4.8.1-14.oc00.i386: 100

The exact errors scrolled off the VIO window and I couldn't find a log that contained the same text, but it seemed to be complaining about cpio and symlinks on every one AFAICT.

I have been unable to find a support channel for this product.

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