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#45 fixed gcc-supc++-shared-library still unnecessarily listed as its own requirement ydario estellnb

If I try to install gcc it breaks with the following error message: Error: Package: gcc-4.4.6-15.oc00.i386 (netlabs-rel)

Requires: gcc-supc++-shared-library

Qupzilla says to require the same package but actually runs without it so that I just think about it as a stale dependency left in place while the actual package has already been included into another one. Please fix; I don`t wanna have an inconsistent package database with unfulfilled requirements.

yum-3.2.27-5.oc00.noarch am 2006-05-11 04:38 rpm-4.8.1-14.oc00.i386 am 2006-05-11 04:37

#50 fixed Bootstrap error ydario BlondeGuy

I've bootstrapped rpm/yum on a few systems, and it has worked well. But today, I'm getting an error from the YUM console, and "yum install yum" gives an error as well.

I cut and pasted the YUM console to yum_error.txt which is attached to this ticket.

#51 wontfix Yum bootstrap error ydario BlondeGuy

See closed ticket 50 for more details. Normally when I build a new system, I use yum bootstrap. This error never happened until a few days ago.

[F:\]yum install yum [Errno 9] Reques ted Range Not Satisfiable Trying other mirror. Error: failure: repodata/primary.xml.gz from netlabs-rel: [Errno 256] No more mi rrors to try.

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